its not my Evie? UPDATE

As you know i've been posting for the last couple of days that i think Evie is having a growth spurt cause shes hungry all the time etc, well shes usually such a happy baby settles herslf to sleep, happy to entertain herslf etc, well today she now has a temp given her calpol b ut she won't be put down i don't know whats wrong i'm going to try her on formula incase i'm not producing enough milk but i have no idea whats wrong xxx

Well after Evies temperature got to 100 i was paniced (you'd think i could handle it being a student nurse but no that made it worse) rang nhs direct then went to out of hours at army hospital shes got a virus so got medicine panic over. Quick rant on oh he left his sodding mobile phone at home and hes away for two weeks what if it had been worse xxxxx

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  • Hey how old is lo?

    It sounds like she is coming down with something, it wld explain her feeding more frequently, obv do whatever you think is best but if she is feeling off colour she might like to feed from you more just for comfort

  • It sounds like she could be getting the start of a bug. Even Kelsie nowadays stills likes to be cuddled when she is ill, although she does settle herself to sleep. Hope she gets better soon.

  • image Your naughty OH. Luckily it wasn't thank god. Have you got no way at all of contacting him?

  • Oh, poor sausage. Hope she's feeling better soon, it takes it out of you as well doesn't it. xxx
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