Is this croup?

My 9 month old son started getting a tickly cough on Saturday and by the evening the cough was sounding like a sea lion. We called the out of hours gp and he said that it definitely sounded like croup so we did the steam routine, a drop of Calpol etc. The cough has got progressively worse and we saw the doctor yesterday who said that it could be croup but that it normally only lasts one night (contradicting everything I have read on the internet).

Gabriel is quite well in himself, doesn't have a temperature and has a good appetite still. His cough and chest now sound a bit rough and congested and he is coughing more during the day. We were up at 3am this morning running a hot shower so that he could sit in some steam.

Does this sound like croup or something else? It is the lack of fever and good appetite that is foxing me!


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