Will not take his Milk!!!!

Hi all,

My son is nearly 7 months old and started solids about 4 1/2 months old. Ever since he has taken less and less milk. He loves his food and now has 3 meals a day with a yoghart for desert at least once. But he is getting really stressed when i try to give him a bottle. Every day is getting worse, today he had 1oz this morning and 5oz before bed which was very difficult, had to lie him flat in his cot to feed him just this!)

Does he still need milk or can I make it up with other foods in his meals??

He really really hates milk. Even if I make his cereal too milky he is not pleased. I usually put about 4oz in his cereal at least.

Could it be the formula?? he is on cow and gate follow on? He was having 3 bottles of 7oz of this, but over the last 3 - 4 weeks it has gone down to just 6 - 7oz a day!!

????????? xx


  • hey, thank you.

    also just seen some else has posted today with the same problem. glad its not just my lo!!
    must be a common thing, i guess some babies just love their milk while othere hate it!

    he is definatly teething but has been for a while. still no sign of any coming through but he has all the typical symptoms.

    thank you again xx
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