teeth grinding

Grace has her top 2 teeth and bottom 2, she has started grinding them, it goes right thru me!

does anyones lo also do this?



  • my lo doesn't do it, but I would advise to keep an eye on it and try to stop them.

    My dh used to unconciously chomp his teeth together when he was tired, nervous or worried. It did give him toothache as he had so much tension in his jaw. It was several years of me telling him everytime he did it to help him stop, and it wasn' easy. It can be a difficult habit to break if it becomes the norm.

    Hopefully it's just a phase.
  • ARGH! Yes!! Its awful - it makes me cringe!!!!!
  • hate this too! At first i would give her a very light tap on hand as I cant stand it. Its a bit like scrapping finger nails down blackboardf etc. My sister used to do this as an older child and her teeth were hardly there when they fell out!

    I researched on google. I felt bad after trying to disencourage it. The reason your lo is grinding there teeth is too relieve the discomfort of their teeth coming through!

    I have just tried to ignore it. which I have found the best solution. She doesnt do it much now, just when the top 3 top ones were coming through.
    I just give her teething gel and calpol if her teeth are bad.

    Hope this helps! xxx
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