Blowing raspberries in her food

my DD (5 months) has just started blowing raspberries when she's eating! I don't think it's the food she's eating that she doesn't like because she's had it before & loved it!
Is this just a game? How do I stop - we're both getting splattered :roll: and carrot is not a good look :lol:

Thanks xx


  • Hiya Kelly,

    My LO used to do this and my immediate reaction initially was to laugh. This in turn reinforced his behaviour and so he kept doing it as it provoked a reaction from me. I soon learnt to keep a straight face. Basically make sure you're not giving a positive reaction to reward the raspberry blowing.

    I was able to tell when he was going to do it and so I would quickly move the spoon away from him. He picked up that blowing raspberries meant no food! (Sounds like I starved him, he he, I didn't! I meant no food momentarily).

    He doesn't tend to blow raspberries anymore but for some reason does sneeze during feeds?? The other day I had on a black jumper and was feeding him porridge.... you can guess the outcome!
    Babies eh, who'd have 'em? ha ha

    Shell xx

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  • Hi Shell
    thanks for your reply image
    oh I bet the porridge was a very good look tee hee!!!

    No well I am good really and don't laugh at her so I have no idea why she's doing it! Am hoping it's just a phase though eeek xx
  • My LO still blows raspberries as I totally encourage and blow them back, and I know I really shouldn't but never mind. Blowing raspberries in food however was short lived. I too used to laugh when she did it which encouraged her to do it again, but I soon stopped doing that and gave her 'a look' and she soon stopped haha x
  • tbh its just a stage, ds did it ALL the time, for about a month it was the only noise he made, but he did do it to his his food all the time too, a friend of mine took to telling he rlo off when he did it to try and disuade it, btu i jsut left ds to it, he's now (nearly) 1, and he hasn't done it for a good couple of either way we've both ended up with the same result, so its up to u whether u just want to let it be or try and discourage him, but to ur lo its a brand new exciting skill they've just learnt so the'yre bound to want to show it off, he now only does it as a game if i start it off first lol (naughty mummy) xx
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