Pushchair Advice please - needs to be hard wearing!!


We have the Loola pushchair which i do really like, it's been great especially when she was tiny and we were just popping out, we could just click her car seat onto the chassis.

However now she has now outgrown her carseat so the Loola combo isn't such as good thing now as it's quite heavy. i'm looking for a more lightweight buggy/pushchair, it needs to be hard wearing as where we go for walks the paths arn't that great. We also need to watch the pennies as i'm on maternity leave.

Your help and advice /experiences would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

Claire and Isabel :\)

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  • hi,

    have a look at the maclaren range,, ditching my silvercross for my maclaren was a great purchase. We paid ??85 for a mid-range one I think.

    I know you sau money is an issue but all the cheaper ones didn't look like they wuld last so would be a false economy.
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