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hi i have a 2 1/2 year old and have just noticed a small white lump under his foreskin right at the top of his penis. i am a bit concerned as it seems to move with the skin as if it is a type of cyst. is this normal? or is there anychance it could be the part where the wee comes out and is just slightly swollen? i have never pulled it back as i didnt think it should be done yet but am now worried i should have been cleaning behind there and that this might be a bit of infection?? at what age do you do that? or teach them to do it?? please helpx x x x
PS sorry to post this on a few forums but am desperate for an answer!


  • Hi, I have 2 boys, one 5 and one 2 1/2 and i've never cleaned their bits other than when they have a bath which is just a sponge clean, nothing pulled back, don't think I could!
    I would take him to the docs to get it checked out.
    Sorry not been much help, hope it goes ok x
  • thanks that is what i needed to hear! i couldnt do it either will go to the doctors just to make sure its nothing to worry about x x
  • Hi, most young baby boys have a foreskin that is pretty much stuck down and you shouldn't try and force it back at that age. From what I have read it is from about 3 years onwards that you may be able to push it back to clean underneath, but I think this varies a lot and some can be much older. If you don't feel comfortable then ask your hubby to check it out as he will probably have an idea how young he was when it happened.
    In terms of the lump, it may be some sort of ganglion which is nothing to worry about, but it is always worth getting it checked out to be on the safe side.

    Hope its all ok x
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