Wheezy Cough

HI, my little girl is just over 6 months and has a got a wheezy chesty cough. I have taken her to doctors who referred me to hospital (just to make me panic) as when i got there and waited 4 hours i was sent home with nothing and told just to watch her.:x It may be bronchilitus but im not sure. She still eats her food and does drink her milk although leaves some.

Does anyone know anything about it or have children that have had it. I have no idea when or if i should go hospital with her again.

Thanks Rachel


  • Hi Rachel,

    I'm sorry to hear that your LO is poorly.

    My LO was diagnosed with this last month and spent a night in hospital. It started on the Sunday, phoned NHS direct they said to take her docs on Mon which i did who put her on a nebuliser. She seemed worse on the Mon night so i took her to a&e. Her oxygen sats were at 95% so they confirmed the broncholitis diagnosis and sent her home saying she was probably over the worst of it (95% and over is ok). Tuesday she seemed a lot better but by Wednesday morning she seemed worse again. She wasn't particularly off her food but wasn't finishing feeds or meals (8mths) and she was sucking in under her ribs. I took her to the HV to be weighed as was my intended plan that day but the HV took one look at her and sent me straight back to a&e.

    Her oxygen levels were at 88% so they took us straight into resus (sp?) and hooked her up to oxygen. It was quite scary but as soon as she had the oxygen her levels shot up to 100%. They monitored her for a few hours but everytime they took the oxygen away her levels dropped so they decided to admit her. By the evening though she was maintaining her levels at 95% herself and througout the night the nurses came in to check on her and make sure her levels weren't dropping. She was discharged the following day and recovered really quickly.

    I'd say if you're worried then take her back. They said to me that they'd rather see the same baby 20 times and it be a red herring than 1 who comes in really bad because the parents delayed going in.

    Olivia was always so smiley and happy that it was hard to convince anyone how poorly she was which resulted a few stressful visits before the hospital admission.

    REally hope your LO is feeling better very soon.

    Thinking of you and let us know how she is.

    Claire x
  • thats exactly Lily, smiley and playing that she doesnt even look ill. Her ox levels were at 95 yesterday and went up to 98 but she seems a little worse today. They said to wait a couple of days to see if shes just getting over it but im abit of a over worrier so will probably be back up there later tonight or first thing in the morning. Thanks xxxx
  • Barney is suffering with this at the minute, I was at A&E on Sat night with him, his oxygen levels were good so the discharged him. The (very nice) doctor told me that as long as he seemed happy in himself that I didn't need to woryy, but to take him back if he was getting at all distressed so that they could re check his levels. He is still very chesty but does seem to slowly be improving.

    Claire, how long was your lo poorly for? Barney does seem to be getting a bit better but I just wondered if he was likely to be over it for Xmas?
  • Shes been ill for about 3 days, been worse over the last 2. Seems abit better today but still chesty. Still smiles tho so i guess it cant be that bad. Hope your little one gets better soon. Think it can last upto 2 weeks but most is cleared up after a week.
  • They also told me it could take around 2 weeks but i think Olivia was a lot better within about 5 -7 days. Considering she'd had a cough since August and wasn't admitted until bonfire night (that cough was unrelated to her broncholitis - she was just picking up things one after the other because her immune system was low) i was sceptical that she would improve within a fortnight so a week was fantastic. Fingers crossed they will both be alot better by xmas and if you are worried, take them back xxx
  • Cheers Claire, he's actually been to the doctors today for something else and while we were there the dr had a listen to his chest and says it sounds nearly clear now, so fingers crossed he should be ok for Xmas. He did also say that every time he gets a cold/virus in the next few months it is likely to go to his chest again, so there's something to look forward too :roll:
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