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Any ideas for oh's b/day pressie?

Girls I am getting really stuck & really desperate now so wanted to see if anyone has got any good ideas.

Basically it is oh's 40th coming up at the beginning of March and were off to Tenerife for a week to celebrate it but I'm completely stuck on what to get him from Kady. Now the obvious thing is jewelry of some description but he doesn't wear anything at all, not even a watch, so it's pointless.
I want it to be something special but because were going away it needs to be fairly small too so I can get it in my case.
Arrgh, I just can't think of anything!

My pressie's sorted as I've got us some Metallica tickets which he totally made up with and said he doesn't want anything else but I have to get him something special from bubs. Any ideas....pleeeeeease? lol


  • Thanks SB, I thought of cufflinks but he really wouldn't wear them. Something engraved though would be really nice so maybe something as a keepsake, even if he doesn't use it. Grr, why is it so hard!!

    Thanks Katie hun, I am with snapfish and hadn't thought of looking on there....duh!
    I'll have a quick peek over in a bit. I do have quite a lot of pics of them together but they are mostly just of Kady. Guess that wouldn't matter though?

  • I bought hubby a digital photo keyring thingy for ummm some occasion last year. He loves it image
  • That's a nice idea Kia, thanks hunni :\)
  • I haven't got any ideas sorry. I just want to tell you that I'm jealous of the Metallica tickets.
  • Katie's idea sounds good. I too am jealous of the metallica tickets i saw them at readin a few years ago they were out of this world and that was some distance and i share a birthday with Mr Hetfield and they headlined on that day so i felt a special bond with him lol!!!

    My oh 30th last year and Erin was 2 months old i got him a really nice pint tankard (sp) glass with to daddy happy 30th love Erin, he loved it xx
  • Hey were going out for the day tomorrow so I'll take the camera along and try not to make him sus why I'm taking loads of pic's of him with kade :lol:
    That's a lovely idea katie, thanks sweet.

    Mcrvamp &mez123, I can't effin wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were off to Birmingham LG arena. Wanted to go to Manchester originally as that is only an hr away but they were all sold out so paid a bloody fortune on ebay for tickets to Bham. I personally am really excited to see Machinehead who's supporting too as long as they play plenty from Supercharger album.
    Am soooo looking forward to seeing the dreamy Mr Hetfield! We have brilliant seats too woo hoo! image

  • hi

    its my hubbys 40th too, 3rd march

  • What about a silver keyring with Kades fingerprint pressed into it?? He'll always use a key ring for his car key and it's a constant reminder of Kade too.
    By the way, have you heard from Sarah at UA?
  • I have a thing for kirk hammet myself, lovely eyes.
  • ooohhh nooooooo james hetfield is just the works! lol. im also jealous of the tickets!!! master of puppets is my fave image

    how about a mug with photo of lo on? lots of sites offer stuff like that. xx
  • Kell2, 2nd March, how close is that!!!!!

    Donna, that is a lovely idea, he'll use a key ring of course so that's very viable. Any idea where you get that done?
    We have an updated photo shoot this Sunday, how about you? Has Poppy had any work from them? We've had nothing!

    Mcrvamp...I too agree. Kirk is very cute!
  • Have a look at this site
    They have some lovely things on here - not cheap but nice and a fab keepsake!
    We're going for our updates on Saturday - shame we didn't talk beforehand so we could have gone around the same time! Not had anything but I've just looked at her old pics and she's so much cuter now - her last pics made her look like a boy!!
  • Thanks very much for that hun! I reckon I'll get something from there.

    What a shame we just missed our appointments again. I bet Poppy look a real cutie now although I can't see how she could be much cuter from the last time I saw her!!
    We took Kady for his first hair cut today but the hd couldn't take off as much as we wanted as he was agitated but it looks better than it did. Don't think he looks as cute as the first time he went for the shoot though. Think he looks better when it is short.
    Hope you & Poppy are well?
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