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Im thinking about joining up to work for Avon for some extra cash does anyone work for Avon if so what do u think and is it ok money. What are the pros and the cons??


  • I do avon, have done for 6 months. Its ok, nothing special to be honest. As you probably know u solely work on commission 20% of orders of ??76 i think and 25% for orders over ??144. I think only ones have i not hit the 25%. I now only do my regular customers but going out at the start to try and get them customers can be rather tedious! i think every 3 weeks i make between ??30-??50 which is ok but hardly seems worth it at times when its freezing cold or raining and you really just cant be bothered to go out! On the other hand its a good way to get to know new people especially neighbours if you get your own road. Ive managed to get to know alot of my neighbours now which is nice. Anything else you wanna know just ask
  • Ok thanks how do u get started?? and also what if there is someone already doing it in your area what do u do??
  • Youll get an sales leader come twice to your home to tell you all about it and get your started. Once all is sorted they will give you an area...my area was apparently already covered but id never received a book so i was naughty and started to cover it, funnily enough she snever turnt up. You will only get given a small territory of around 2-3 roads
  • oh ok so u cant go further a field??
  • yes you can but you have to find your own customers...maybe through friends family work places etc or even baby groups but as for territory they only give you a couple of roads. Doest stop yu going round doing a survery though to find out whether people receive a brochure, have used avon before, would like to look through a book.
  • ok then thanks a lot image
  • Does anyone else do Avon too??
  • i tried avon for a few months and found it was way too much work than was worth. its a lot of paperwork and hassle to be honest. and its really hard to get the customers so i gave up xx
  • i did and gave up because it wasn't worth the hassle, it was sooo tedious and people seem to think u have nothing better to do! i found that when u delivered people werent in even tho you'd told them you were coming, you couldnt contact them on the phone so u were going out every night in the cold and rain to try and catch them and i'd rather be sat at home nice and warm and do without the extra ??20-??30 it gave me! if u can drive and u don't mind running round after people for a bit of extra cash then it's great but i just didn't have the patience and i like being warm and cosy at home lol x
  • The bit i dont like much is trying to get money off people 9 times out of 10 they are out so ive started to make "sorry u were out" cards and get them to come to me instead!!
  • I do Usborne books - been doing it since sept and it is FAB going really well and loving being able to work with Max with me! It you are interested in knowing more then email me:

    [email protected]

    I can do a deal at the mo for ??10 off the starter kit too!
  • I'm a Sales Leader for Avon and am making a small fortune off of it! I get about ??80 at least every 3 weeks off of my own sales, and then earn commission off of my team too!
  • Just as a comparison I am earning about ??80 a week from Usborne and I only have 1 team member so far so that is basically from my sales alone pretty much!
  • How do u both succeed at your jobs u obviously know what u are doing do u have any tips for me??
  • What do you do at the moment? How could I help with it? I would happily help if I can! If you want to know more about Usborne let me know - they are GORGEOUS kids books and you get loads of freebies for the lo too! image I always want more people to join my team and have as much success as me!
  • I have just started doing toy parties they are fab, no set up fees, you literally pay nothing, they even provide tea coffee and biscuits!!! what area are you in and i will find out if they cover it if you like?
    Sarah xx
  • im in Sheffield just need some extra cash reall due back to work in feb but want to do as few days as poss at work so just trying to think of ways to make extra cash without going to work if u know what i mean.
  • well this is work as and when you can you can just do them at home or friends houes if you want you get 20% plus ??50 if you sell ??500 ??100 if over ??1000 which sounds hard but they sell PS3's and baby toys and everything in between, i will find out if they cover sheffield for you.
  • That is EXACTLY why I started Usborne cos I only went back to work 2 days and wanted to earn a bit more on other days but not have to pay childcare!

    PLEASE EMAIL ME: [email protected],uk and I will send you all the info!


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  • I agree with Charlie - I've been doing avon and usborne and avon has been a complete waste of my time for the ammount i get back. if you like avon products then it may be worth it for the discount you get back but you only get this if you get a lot of orders. Usborne on the other hand is fab - the books are great quality and sell themselves its a good commission. I have a job and work every day and have 2 children and find time for making money from it. its entirely up to you how much you put into it.
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