tripp trapp excitement!!!

I'm so excited! I've just bought a second hand (only used for one LO, 1yr old) tripp trapp for.........wait for it..........??15!!!! Including a the padded seat bit. Aaaaaahhhhhh....bargenious, i'm loving it.

Just wondered what age can you start using them from? Sara is nearly 5 months and has been using a chicco highchair that reclines at grandma's - she just sits in it while we eat and looks about etc.


Liz x


  • Heya
    I have one of these for my lo who is 8 months old. I believe they can be used from 6 months+ though I have only just had mine
  • Nice one! V envious as we spent ??220 on ours a few weeks ago. They say it's suitable from 6 months but Monty is 4 months and uses his to sit at the table with us for dinner. We pad him out with a fleece and this supports him well. He loves being at the table with us image
  • Thanks ladies....I think I'll just try her in it and see what happens, if she's not ready i'll wait a bit. I do feel like the cat that got the cream!!!!!
  • What a bargain, well done you.
  • I am so jealous!!!

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