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Anyone been sterilised??????????

Hi ladies... have any of you been sterilised??? I was 5 months ago after birth of my 5th child!I had tramatic emergency c section and bled heavily for 8 weeks! I was admitted overnight at 11 days for very heavy bleeding.

Since then i have had 2 periods and they literally flood! I have to change tampon and pad every hour. I am in agony which i nver was before and it lasts about a week to 10 days. Does all this sound normal????

d xx


  • I have!

    I only had it done when Tommy was born 7 wks ago and I had my first period a couple of weeks ago and it too was really heavy! I had to change my pad every couple of hours and (TMI) I could feel it pouring out of me!

    I thought it was because it was my 1st period but having read your post it was obviously because of the sterilisation so think am gonna see the doctor about it as I was really worried about going anywhere in case I leaked!
  • Hi
    thanks for reply.

    I on day 3 and still its pouring. if I got to the loo its like blood bath massacre!! I 39 so maybe that does not help. If you are called Oldermum69 due to year you born then you must be too or turning this year sometime?????????

    I was told there was risk I would not hsterectomy when I had Amelia due to placenta previa with accreta. They delivered the placenta without too much bleeding so no need for one. However, now I wish they had whipped the bugger out!!!! I am not having this every month. It starts with a migraine from hell, then I get cramps that are like after birth pains then the blood comes and comes and comes.

    I worried I will leak and that I will get anemic. I breast feeding too so already exhausted by that. :x

    I read on line that age, weight and number of kids can have effect on periods. Well, I 39, 3 stone overweight and had 5 kids so I well and truly in trouble!!!!:lol:

    d xx :\(
  • hi girls

    i was also sterilised with my last C/S (3rd one), and even tho' my first 2 periods were heavier, they are back to normal. to be fair, my periods after my second were worse than the ones i had after last.

    oldermum69, dont worry too much - see how your next few go as they may sort themselves out - however d - yours do sound bad - it may be worth going to your gp for iron check and examination!

    research does suggest that women report periods are heavier after sterilisation, so if none of them settle, get them looked at!

    (got to be honest, personally i do think that if you need a hysterectomy, have one done! - i worked on gynae years ago, and we saw loads of women who had never looked back!!, and i have a lot of older friends who would also recommend it! they feel like they have their life back!)
  • hi Dee Dee i was sterilised when i had my c/s with Abby 10 months ago i had heavy bleeds with the first few periods and they also affected my milk supply while i was feeding Abby by reducing my milk but they settled down after the 4th one and now they are lighter (i only use normal tampons insead of super and dont have to change them every 2 hrs now )but they do last as long, any thing from 7 to 10 days but the last 4 days is brown spotting i am going to mention it when i go for my smear next month .
    i also seem to be having a lot of side pain when i should be ovulating any one know what this can be ??
    fea x
  • hi fea

    it is prob still ovulation pain you feeling. unless they take your ovaries they still work as normal. they should have told you if they did cos of he hormonal involvement.

    what it is like to be a woman, hey! :cry:
  • hi ollier2001
    they never removed my overies and i never had any ovulation pain before its just weird to get it now ,was symptom watching while trying to concieve and never was aware of ovulation lol the consultant did say he done a "belt and braces job " so maybe my overies are still sensitive cos i know they dont like being "handled" the pain is getting better it doubled me over the first time and doc said they were bruised???
    thanks for answering so fast x
    fea x
  • thanks for replies!

    last night i leaked all over bed even tho changed pad every few hours. I puy super plus tampon in this morning. about one hour later i could feel blood coming. i went to loo and the tampon was soaked! ugh!!!!

    went to see my gynea and he scanned me and said uterus lining very thick. i have temp too so thinks i may have infection. he took my blood so will get result in few hours, he gave me antibiotucs and iron tabs anyway.

    told him i will have it whipped out if this goes on.

    d xxx
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