feeding less at night but..........

My lo is feeding less at night, last night she went from 7.30pm till 5am without feeding and then it was only from 1 side, resulting in me having very painful breasts! Although it's great that she's sleeping better at night, it's annoying that she feeds at diferent times during the night each night - meaning that my milk supply is confused!! last friday she fed at midnight and slept till 6am, saturday she fed at 4am and slept till 7.30........My right breast is still very swollen as she still hasn't had the excess made - parly down to her cold I think, i've tried offering it to her lots and lying down.....

Has anyone had thier lo do this, if so how long did it take for thier feed to get intoi a pattern or drop all together?

Louise is 20 weeks and is having a little bit of food at lunchtime and at 5pm ish.


Lisa and Louise
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