any1 use reusable nappies?

hi all,iv been given a brand new pack of kushies so thought id give them a go biut i dnt know anything about reusables!! iv been lookin around on the net and its so confusing with cotton nappies,wraps,liners!! id like to give them a go and if we get on with them maybe convert!! any info appreciated! xxx


  • thanx,thats interesting to know,i already have a bucket.Didnt know i needed to put nappy in a mesh bag to wash.Iv put one in washer thie evning cuz tried it earlier so hope its ok!!not sure if i need next size up or i didnt do it right but it dug in graces leg and also wee leaked out the top onto her vest.Also wondered is it meant to feel wet?the nappy i mean when u take it off.May be a daft question but i cnt imagine that bein comfy on their bottoms!
  • We use Bambino Mios and I'm the same as Ilovemygeek, I don't use them at night time or when we're out.The flushable paper liners seem to help keep her bottom from getting too wet, and they also make it easier to deal with the poo. As far as digging in and leaking goes, it is worth experimenting a little with different sizes, I find that I need to move her onto the next size quite a long time before she reaches the suggested weight limit.
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