Brushing teeth - Advice please!

My DS is very nearly 6 months old and already has his 2 bottom teeth (and more on the way)

Well i know its common sense to brush them, but my problem is, with him being so small its so hard to do so, and me and OH have to do it together, one of us hold him, the other brush his teeth.

Anyway i was wondering, are there any of you mummy's that are having to brush your babies teeth, that can give me some advice on how to make it easier? Surely there must be an easier way, its just us 2 making it more complicated!!

Thanks in advance! xx


  • HEy you, I sit mine on my lap, so he is facing away from me, and just brush his teeth! Only use a tiny bit of paste too! Then I just brush!x
  • Have you tried using one of those tiny brushes that fit onto your finger? Much easier than a proper brush!

    Also - could you sit him in a bumbo (or similar) if you can't manage him on your knee?
  • Im so ditsee!! Why i never thought about sitting him on my knee i dont know!!

    I do have a 0+ toothbrush but i didnt know you could get ones that you put on your finger? Can i ask where i would get them from? xx
  • I got my finger toothbrush from amazon, just goggled it and it came up! Also i was speaking to the dentist the other day and she said to try brushing their teeth when they are lying flat on a change mat or similar as they relax their jaw when they are lying on their back and she said as you use only a smear of toothpaste and no water that it should not pose as a choking hazard.

  • I bought some Dentinox Teething Toothpaste today from Sainsburys and it had a finger brush with it.

    B x
  • i hold LO on my hip and brush his teeth, with my other hand, a finger toothbrush might help, we just have a milk teeth one x
  • Oh my, my LOs first tooth sprouted this week and I know that means I need to start brushing but I know it's going to be impossible! Whenever I even try to get in her mouth to see her teeth/gums she sticks her tongue out, it's like a game to her with big smiles and the tongue hanging out. The only way I can see is when she's crying...not exactly the time to be brushing her teeth?!
    So I don't think you're making it more difficult than it needs to be bluemummy, I'm dreading it.
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