can i share this with you regarding medicines?

i have posted this on an other foumn becouse i found it important and interesting. im not intending to upset or debate with anybody.

there was a doctor on this morning and he was explaining why a lot of medicines mainly night time formulations which help induce sleep have been banned in under 6 year olds. apparently lots of these meds have had insufficient drug trials as it difficult to trial on babies. also if you drug a child to sleep you could be potentially stopping them from waking when they are becoming more poorly. and also things like coughing are there to do a job to clear the lungs and it can be dangerous to prevent your child from coughing at night.

now i have a bottle of medised in my cupboard bought innocently on recommendation from a friend in old packaging from small chemist. i have used it and actually it didnt help daisy sleep. but this latest information has led me to throw it away i would never forgive myself if anything happened as a result of her taking this. i have actually got a very poorly daisy at the moment who has cried most of night for four nights now. she has bad cold and cough and developed a tempreture over night, it makes me wonder had she been given medised would she have woken up to tell me? makes me shudder.

again not hear to preach i would never tell anybody not to give there own children anything but praps not too advise other mums as i was to use these.

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  • hey,

    thanks for sharing that. Thats very good points that was made about them sleeping through getting worse and coughing is for a reason.
  • Hi,
    Have replied on another forum too but I saw the piece and it's made me think twice. Have also taped it so oh will watch it as he's more prone to reach for the Calpol than I am.
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any herbal things people could use instead? Maybe they're not as affective I don't know?
  • sorry have edited now meant to say medised not calpol. calpol and ibruprofen are fine to use xx
  • mum ti 1 it is only the ones that help induce sleep that have been banned regular paracetamol and nurophen are essential in reducing tempreture and relieving pain hope i havnt confused you x
  • Have to say it doesn't take much to confuse me babe!!! Glad Calpol is ok as on This Morning they couldn't say brand names could they? So I was even more confused! Think I need some sleep! Thanks Westbrom1!x
  • I must admit I have never been a huge fan of medised or any cough mixture, when my first son was born (he will be 13 in June) I was given medised by the pharmasist after his first set of jabs, she raved about how great it was etc. One night he was quite poorly and I called the emergency doctor who came out to see him, I told him I had given him medised and he said pretty much what westbrom has said about them not waking up, he also said as it makes them so sleepy it may mask symptoms of something more serious, he said pretty much the same thing about cugh mixture not clearing the irritation in their throat and lungs too, as a consequence I have very rarely used either, we do manage pretty well with nurofen and calpol.
  • Hey if your being really particular it is actually better to use just infant paracetamol which the pharamist can mix up at Calpol etc has ingredients that havent been through trials and are banned in some countries.

    If you lo is over a year the best remedie is honey and lemon for a cough


  • I agree with you Westbrom. I only use Calpol/Calprofen on Charlotte when needed and karvol rub or drops. Of course, if she was extremely poorly I would go to docs and if prescribed something would use it.
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