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flat car seat for newborns?

hi again

further to my other post does anyone know if there are any other makes of car seat that are flat? my lo is still in SCBU and has heart and lung problems and have read that car seats arnt good for them as they hunch up the lungs.

being a bit previous, dont know when he will be home x


  • Hi hun

    My friend has a reclining car seat for her LO - I'll ask her where its from as I'm seeing her tonight...

    C xx
  • Hey hun i have the Jane Slalom Pro matrix car seat and pushchair although very expensive def a life saver for me as i never felt bad about macey being in the car seat and its the carrycot and you can strap it into your car (although takes up alot of room) but it also has levels you can have it so you can have it slightly raised, high raised or completley flat xx
  • Hi hun

    Sorry to hear your LO is in SCBU.

    The Britax Baby Safe sleeper is a lie flat car seat and also fits on a Britax pushchair if needed. Kiddicare have them in red and black.

    Also, just wanted to say that when the girls left SCBU, they had to pass a car seat test. We took the car seats in and they had to sit in them for 2 hours with a sats monitor on to check that they could cope with them. Obviously I don't know the details of your LOs heart and lung problems but just wanted to reassure you that if they're the same as our SCBU, he may be OK in a normal car seat providing he passes the test

  • hey thanks for all your replies, now it just a case of finding the one that fits my car lol

    frillypink thanks for warning and TBH i agree normal car seats were fine with my other 3 but lo stops breathing if you hold him upright, hopefully he will start to grow out of it but im too scared to put him in a car seat when he does come home

  • The Jane strata car seat isnt lie flat but it has two positions- the newborn one being 125o which is supposed to decrease the chances of oxygen saturation. It's won all sorts of awards for being the safest car seat for baby (with the bonus of it coming with a base and not being as heavy a the lie flat ones.
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