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I am just wondering if anyone had their baby at Kingston Hospital? if so can you give me any tips e.g Malden suite or any advice on what I should expect? I am not due for another 13 weeks but I am starting to think about my birth plan etc.

Thanks x


  • I had mine at Kingston!! Didn't use the Malden Suite though as it was full when i went in with my first and with my second there wasn't time for me to ask they just rushed me into a labour room!!
    Sorry, not much help!
    But just so you know, it was recently revealed that Kingston was one of only 5 hospitals out of 50-something to be found clear of superbugs such as MRSA, they also have a brilliant reputation and my both my experiences there were good
    Gemma x
  • Hi

    I had my dd at Kingston hospital in August and they were fantastic. I had to be induced so couldn't use the Malden suite but the delivery suite was really clean and all the staff were really helpful and friendly.

    After the birth I was transferred to a private room rather than a public ward - this happened to all 6 of us in the ante natal group I was in - which was great.

    Two of the group used the Malden suite and they said the pool was great but both had to be transferred to the delivery suite as their labours were not progressing. They said that the midwifes in the Malden suite were good but that they dont really take control in the way that they do in the delivery suite so you really have to have a firm plan in your mind of when you might ask for transfer for epidural or non-progressing labour.

    Good luck!
  • Thank you! I so hope I get a room of my own. I have a hate for hospitals!! Do you have to ask for the Maldon Suite before Labour starts? x
  • You can let them know you would like to go to the Malden Suite but they can't guarantee there will be a place for you when you do actually go into labour as they might be busy at that time.
    I forgot to say before that with my first i was put in a single room after he was born but with my second i stayed for 6 nights as he was unwell, the first 4 nights i was in a room with 2 other mums & babies and the last 2 nights in a single room. I had been put in a single room on the day he was born until he became poorly and was taken into SCBU, but the room was quite far away from the baby unit so i asked to be moved which is how i ended up sharing!
    The staff were great though, hope you have a good experience there too. Good luck
  • Thanks ladies! I hope all will go ok xx
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