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he won't sleep


My lo is 18 weeks and has suddenly decided he is to big for sleep! Lol
He is having maybe one nap a day plus p longer sleep at lunchtime (sometimes)
I have tried just putting him in his room but he gets hysterical
Am I a bad mummy? What should I do?


  • let him sleep when he wants.
    mine has just started wakiing up in the very early hours or refusing to go to sleep before midnight. i cant do anything other than go with him for now, but in a couple of weeks ill try to adapt if he hasnt. my lo rarely sleeps in the day, maybe an hour if that at about 5pm. if i keep him awake hes ratty and it messes up his sleeping (think this is where his mess up has come from - grandparents kept him up very late one night when we dared to go out!) if he sleeps when he wnts he does sleep a bit at night.
    ive just got to work out now why hes waking up in the night.
    hes on solids, he has a good meal before bed, then a good milk drink - about 6 oz - so i cant work it out.... :roll:

    good luck
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