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anyone doing anything for halloween?

Anyone have any interesting plans for halloween? I grew up in Canada and always miss the halloween season there, but am learning to look forward to nov5 instead. Anyone up to anything fun image. We carved jack o'lanterns and the children are dressed up. They went to a toddlers fancy dress disco... really cute all the los in costumes! We are making mini pizzas cut into the shapes of witches, ghosts, and pumpkins for tea.


  • i am - though not until tomoro night! I'm really looking forward to it, there is a big group of my OH's friends and their girlfriends going out dressed up for drinks in town. my dh is going as a pirate, and i have got a PVC batwoman outfit! hee hee, it's hot!

    Right now though im stuck at work - yuck. just called my OH at home to remind him he might get trick or treaters and we dont have any sweetys in the house, also dont want evie to be woken up so told him to be a spoil sport and stick a note on door telling them to bugger off! haha X
  • I'll be taking the batteries out of my doorbell
  • We have been to a friends halloween party this afternoon - Cole was dressed up as dracula... well sort of. The top stayed on, the cape kept coming off, the trousers were too slippy for him to crawl in so i didn';t bother and he hated the face mask thing. he also had his pumpkin socks on and bat tshirt image

    I think we even managed to get a pic of Cole and my friends 3 (evil snow white, pirate and unimpressed baby pumpkin) all looking at the camera together!

    Had 2 lots of trick or treaters when we got home but have now taken the batteries out of the doorbell. It'll be such a shame if we don't get any more as I've a huge bag of choccies and I'll just have to eat them!

    Is it just me that gets annoyed at older 'kids' trick or treating just to be scabby little beggers especially when they don't even bother to dress up? Its like when they come to your door at christmas and sing 2 lines of we wish you a merry christmas and then think you are gonna give them money. i love it when the little kids are all out and dressed up and excited (especially as the ones around here are mostly really polite), but I just don't like scroungers!
  • Well I attempted my first ever pumpkin carving today! It was good fun actually and Lily loved it when we put the candle in and turned lights off.We never do much for halloween, my mum never wanted us to go out trick or treating cos she said it was glorified begging! But when kids are a bit older I will take them- but only to my family and friends houses, I wouldn't knock on strangers doors.

    We've had a few kids knocking tonight darn it, I was hoping none would come and I'd have to heroically eat all the sweeties so they wouldn't go to waste lol!

    My scariest halloween moment was when I was a student in Manc...we lived in a house on a rough estate and when I was walking home on halloween night this lad who was prob older than me walked up to me in a black top with his hood up and said 'yo, trick or treat!' Never have I got my keys in the door so fast!

  • Scary stuff Lea.
    We're doing Halloween tomoz in the form of a kiddy party at the local working mens club hubby goes to for snooker (yes, he's an old man of 32!) and where he's Vice President on the commitee, I did wet myself at that one!
    I've got costumes for the kids and hubby's planned games, spooky stories and a fancy dress comp (which he's not judging lol) and the women (not me, I'm only a young chick of 31) are doing a buffet. Looking forward to it, especially cajouling an already scared 3 year old into his spider this space. If I manage it, I shall post a pic on the other thread!
    Have fun those out on the razz for it...I shall be driving no doubt. :roll:
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