Christening presesnts - advice needed asap!!

Hiya all, I'm going to a christening tomorrow where my OH is godfather, so I'm off out present hunting for the little one! I asked hinny what he'd like to get her and his reply was 'i dunno, something nice' lol so I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have any advice for me on what I can get her.... Xx


  • how about a money box? i still have mine from when i was christened xx
  • Oh a money box sounds nice, practical too, I will defo keep an eye out for a money box thank you x
  • we got loads of money boxex for both lo's christenings..

    we also got lots of keepsakes boxes.. and photo frames/albums and some sets of 'first' cutlery

    some of the more unusual things we got were a box of alphabet and number 'coins' in different colours\textures that you could use in a variety of ways from birth to 4, starting with the feel of them, then the colours and moving onto the alphabet and numbers etc...

    we also got a cushion for each of them which they still use

  • Ooh thank you ice cream lover some good gift ideas... what are the number and alphabet coins you were on about?
    I like the cushion idea too x
  • dd's was 2 weeks ago. she got 3 money boxes. one had money already in, which is now in her bank account! she got 2 christening bacelets too. several photo frames. my fav present was a steiff bear.
  • I havent got a clue where they got it from! Sorry I'm not much help,it was somewhere in manchester..... :lol:

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