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Hi girlies,

Lil Archie is doing really well, i've had to put him on hungry milk this week as he's so greedy, but i've noticed that on 2 occasions now, he's had his feed as normal, then just as he drops off, he projectiles the whole of his feed up, and its all lumpy and yucky. Pre-puking, he's very restless and windy (he has got a bit of colic) and crys a bit (not like him at all)...

Ive left a voicemail for my HV to ring me back, but i was wondering if you guys had experienced this?

Archie is 4 weeks on monday....


  • Have you tried winding him before feeding him? i know it sounds strange but my lo projectiled on a few occassions when he was Archie's age and he was also quite windy. HV said it was because he had wind on him tummy then he fed on top of it, and then the wind came up when he relaxed and dropped off, and brought the milk with it. It worked for us. x
  • i'll try that, thanks for the advice

  • Could be reflux. My lo had this but wasn't sick all the time. If we laid her down on her back straight after a feed then she would be sick. We tried to keep her upright for 30mins after a feed.
  • i was told not to put baby on hungry milk at that age unless they r downing the full 9oz bottle and still hungry as its too much for them and alot will be sick. i use to have to keep millie up for 20mins after her feeds when she was younger and put her on cow and gate comfort which was brill and stopped her being sick as much, shes 4 months now and is never sick xx
  • Has he got a cold? my lo does this when he has a sore throat?

  • The only time I have tried hungry baby milk I got told off by my health visitor, as it would be too rich for a young baby (mine lo was about 6 wks at the time). My lo also threw it all back so I am assuming it was too rich after all!

    CoIt cd also be relux which we have now established my lo probably has. We were prescribed Infant Gaviscon which you can only get from your docs, although now we have constipation to deal with instead!

    I'm off to try C&G Comfort milk as well this week in the hope that it helps the feed stay down better and helps with a colicky tum.

    Iz z
  • hi ladies, thanks for your help !

    ive got him in at the docs later on so im gonna speak to the quacks and ask him what to do.

    it was my hv who advised to put him on hungry milk as he could take 4oz, then an hour later want more, and take between 2-4oz again.

    he is only taking 3-4oz of hungry milk now, but only going 1-3 hours in the day, then waking in eves at 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am and 9am for more feeds (taking 4oz at a time).

    i think that if he could keep all of his feeds down, using the baby gaviscon, he might go more than 2 hours through the night. i would like to put him back on no1 milk, but he was taking loads of milk each feed and only going an hour between feeds, including through the night (yyaaaawwnnn!!!)

    hes putting on weight normally, he was 9lb 9oz this morn at weigh in, hv was happy with him, so hes put on 12oz in 1 week again.

    ive noticed this morning that is belly button is a bit gooey so i need to get that checked out too. its all go here!!!!

    oh yea, got a buyer for my house so we'll be moving in the next 6-8 weeks...oh what fun !!
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