question about nappies overnight?

Hi ladies,

my DD is 8 weeks old tomorrow (where does the time go?) and is a really good sleeper overnight...our routine (all baby led) is generally 3-3.5 hour feeds during the day (a bit longer sometimes if we are out and about in the pram or she sleeps in the car) of 5-6oz (sometimes 7oz if she goes a bit longer) her feed amounts can be variable but in general she takes 800-850mls each day when you add all the ozs up and hv is happy with this as she is growing and thriving...she has always been formula fed and i was worried she was getting too heavy (she's over 12lbs now but was 8lbs 4oz when born) but at her developmental check the other day she is above 75th for weight and head circumferance and above 91st for length (she must be taking daddys height) anyway in general im pleased with this as she sleeps well at night and while not a strict routine she is roughly the same time each day give or take an hour this means that at bed time she tends to have a bath about 7/7.30pm and then a feed - she has then been going down in her crib in our room for the past 2 weeks awake but sleepy and seetles herself and is asleep by 9pm....she then sleeps through to between 5am and 6am before waking for a feed....

she will wake briefly at times overnight and maybe have a wee gurn or sometimes she'll wake me and just be waking wee noises talking to herself which is cute but she doesnt look for a feed at these times, so i dont give one (a while ago i was trying a dream feed as she was going to sleep about 6pm and sleeping til 2am and there was no point she just refuses the bottle and spits it out and gets upset and then gurns for an hour or two then looks for it so i just wait til she wants a feed even if that means she goes 5hrs during the day as i have always gone with what she wants and she isnt a greedy baby e.g one night she can have 7oz before bed and the next night only take 5oz if she has fed more during the day but still sleep through just the same) we dont get many naps during the day unless in the car for a bit or briefly when out in the pram and if she does nap its for about 45mins max maybe 2 sometimes 3 times a day but again i dont mind as she is sleeping at night. When she does wake over night its brief and i dont have to do anything as she doesnt cry or get upset (she doesnt take a dummy) unless she poos then she wilkl cry and i know this is whats up but this has only happened once so far....

does this sound ok i am happy with it and so is hv? anyway my question is we use lollipop bamboo reusable nappies during the day but i found they werent very good at night so have been using a disposable (we are on huggies size 2 which are generally fine) she can have a nappy on for about 10hours and while it doesnt seem to irritate her - should i be changing it? if i change her nappy it will wake her up and she will be very unsettled but wont take a feed so i just leave the nappy on - so far her bum seems ok and i just put some vaseline on as a barrier and a tiny bit of sudocream if it looks red but i just wondered what you other ladies do...let you babies sleep or risk waking them up to change them? Given that she is only 8 weeks old im hopeful that she will gradually become more settled overnight and in time maybe go 11-12hrs.




  • The guidance I had at that time was not to change the nappy unless it was dirty (poo). As my son got a bit older, from about 12wks, he wee'd so much in the night that we had to change it (his nappy would be the size of a lawn bowl!! - and the same when he woke in the morning), so we followed his cue and changed him otherwise he would only keep waking from it (he was sleeping through prior to this).
    Just follow your baby's lead, as you are with other things. If she doesnt seem bothered not to be changed then dont change her!
  • Hey hun

    Sounds like your doing a marvellous job :d

    Ds is 6 weeks old and i have to change his nappy every time he feeds otherwise it soaks through (tried every brand of nappy i think he just wees A LOT) but it doesn't bother him changing him really.

    DD is 22 months and obviously sleeps through, i stopped changing hers in the night at about 18 weeks when she started going 7-7 and she never got/has had nappy rash.

    She sounds like she is very settled, if she was uncomfortable she wouldn't be sleeping so well so as long as its not soaking through and you apply barrier cream i would just carry on doing what your doing image xx
  • I have never changed unless it is dirty. What I do though it pop sudocrem on every night (although not in the day) as it is a heavier barrier cream and LO sleeps 12 hours. That way we stop any soreness straight away.

    If you are only using vaseline though and baby is fine then I'd just keep with what you're doing - it's obviously working!
  • sounds like you are doing a super job! we only change nappies at night if hes poo'd or if its soaking, we found using the next size up at night lasts 12 hours, we use reusables in the day and huggies size 4+ at night, they are a bit big but last x
  • I try not to change lo at night as I find it wakes her up too much - so unless it's very heavily wet or soiled then she stays in the same nappy at night. I then put sudocrem on in the morning as it can affect absorbancy of nappies otherwise so I don't put it on when she goes to bed,

  • Sounds like you are doing great. I leave Cameron in the same nappy from 6.30pm - 6.30am and we use a bumgenius with the fat insert + the two newborn inserts that it came with and we've not had a single leak. Before we switched to resusables we were using the pampers super dry or whatever they are called and they worked fine for us too. xx
  • Thanks ladies :\) glad to hear its what others do too...i did think tht but just wanted to check..some mornings she gets up and the nappy is very wet and other times its not too bad so i dont think it bothers her. we did have a few leaks until i used disposables at night and she cried to wake me up so i think if she soaked through she would let me know and when she is gurney i always check to make sure she has gone back to sleep and isnt too uncomfortable e.g needing picked up to be winded and i always feel her bum to make sure she hasnt soaked through,.

    she is generally a happy and contented baby (bar some colicy episodes and some trapped wind problems) but i know when she cries something is wrong as she has never just 'cried for the sake of it' or cause she wants picked up etc so i feel she would let me know overnight if she was really unhappy but thought i should still check what everyone else does for some reassurance it was ok to leave the nappies on that long...


    P.s i hope it doesnt sound like she doesnt get any affetcion? She doesnt cry to get picked up but she does get held and get lots of cuddles and attention etc its just that she is also quite content to lie on her playmat etc for a bit if i need to do something or get dressed etc...

  • P.s i hope it doesnt sound like she doesnt get any affetcion? She doesnt cry to get picked up but she does get held and get lots of cuddles and attention etc its just that she is also quite content to lie on her playmat etc for a bit if i need to do something or get dressed etc...

    :lol: dont be silly no one thinks that.. stop questioning yourself your doing a great job hun, she is so content because of this im sure x
  • Thanks know what im like though :lol: x
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