Developmental checks

Hey ladies

Can anyone tell me what they assess at 8 month/ 1 year or any other developmental check?

Despite all our additional needs as a family and me begging for extra input for Dylan when I have been discharged from hospital we don't have a HV. If I never ever took him to be weighed or to the baby groups at surestart no one would see him. They are also so far behind with the few checks they do do in our area, my friend who has a 2 1/2 year old hasn't had any checks yet.

I just want to ensure he is ok, he appears to be on track with other babies his age but i'd love to know what they assess as then if im concerned I can go and see my lovely gp.

It makes me so cross, i've asked for input yet we get nothing scary!



  • Hi Hun
    gosh that's just shocking!!!!!!

    Well we had ours when Ava was 7 months exactly.
    They check to see if LO can sit up, rolling, crawling, hold things, babbling, pincer grip.
    They also just ask how they're doing eating wise.

    Erm think that was about it.
    HTH xx
  • I've not heard of them with my 2 year old was seen at 9m then our hv left, so we fell off the radar until ds2 was born 10m ago. He's not had any checks like this either! Last time I saw hv was 3m ago, he was weighed that was it.

  • They don't really do checks now in Scotland but might be different for you. They used to do lots cause I did a community placement with hv and they did them then but that was 6 years ago. I only had jags and they just asked general questions when we went for them with first lo at 2,3,4 and 12 & 13 mths. Unless go to get weight checked then nothing more. I think now it's more if you're considered at risk but don't know how they choose who gets checks. Hope this is a bit of help, I'm rambling somewhat. I did get checked up on re weaning after going to get Z weighed and telling them he wasn't eating but it was just a phone call so for all they know I could be making anything up image it's very hands off nowadays I think x
  • Hi DM

    From memory like some one else said they check for sitting, roling, pincher grip, passing a toy from one hand to the other, they would ask about eating and how your wee man communicates with you etc.

    When I had DS1 I had what to expect in the first year (which I can't find but I'm going to re buy it as it was so good) its really helpful in that it gives you a month by month of what they should be doing or could be doing.

    When I had DS1 I had no support in this regard so the book was great for me so that I could be sure he was developing normally xx would deffo recomend xx
  • It does differ from county to county so depends where you live

    I live in Norfolk and I lost my hv (due to funding) when lo was about 10months.

    They also no longer do 8month and 2year checks in this area either so no unless I take my son to see someone he won't be seen by a professional!!
  • I'm in Birmingham and we don't have the 8 month check here; we do have checks at 1, 2 and 3 years though. Grace is one in six weeks.

    Em xx
  • Well I don't know if its good or not that im not the only one!

    Thank you ladies for letting me know what he's supposed to do, he appears to be on track bless him.

    I think there should be far more HV's

  • tbh I'm so shocked athow many of you don't have hv's. I'm usually the first to complain about how behind northern ireland is but reece is only 22 weeks and I have seen my health visitor at least 6 times, she came out an extra 2 visits because of my bfing issues and i'm getting another visit in october and 1 when he is one, this is the same for all of my friends who have had babies, for once NI is doing it right lol
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