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We settled on using Dr Brown bottles at around 3-4 months to help with wind problems. My LO is now over 7 months and I'm wondering if we should change again. Is there any point in using Dr Browns at this age?

They are a pain to wash/sterilise and he has also started leaking milk from his mouth during feeds, so much that he ends up drenched and that is with using a bib! We've been using fast flow since we started, so I don't think that's an issue.

Would be nice to know what others have done or if you've any advice on the leaking, thanks xx


  • Hi Lawso,

    We used TT Anti Colic bottles which had a big valve running through it but decided to just use normal TT CTN at about 4 months as he was able to get his wind up much better.

    At 7 months they are able to sit upright better and therefore able to dispel of the wind themselves easier I find. My DS has been fine on normal bottles since we stopped xx
  • Hi Lawso, our little boy is just over 5 months & i've been & bought boots own brand wide neck bottles to replace Dr Browns. My reason is they leak terrible (not sure if thats just me?) & the cleaning of all the little bits was starting to get annoying, i figured that now lo over the age of any potential colic bouts it would be fine.
    I settled with boot's own BPA free bottles as they were cheap & after spending a small fortune on doc brown bottles, sterilizer etc i didn't want to buy another dearer brand. Our little boy has been absolutely fine with the change too.
    Hope this helps xxx

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  • Im still using them for my 8mo - I no longer sterilise, just wash. I had bought some Avent ones to replace the Dr B (cos they were yellowing anyway) but I found these to be awful and leak all over him plus I could see and hear all the bubbles being sucked in when he fed (even though wind is no longer a big issue, it still seemed wrong!) I ended up ordering new Dr B's with faster flow teets purely because I wanted to stick with what I know with him as he was being a bugger to take his milk! I only find the Dr B to leak if you take them on an aeroplane!! (and I always forget :x )
  • We stopped at around 5 months actually... the teat size just wasn't working for us anymore, the flow was too slow and the next one was WAY too fast!
    We switched to Avent and didn't have any problems - we used the variflow teats as T's milk was a thicker kind.
    Now he's 14 months and on cows milk he's having TT bottles.
    Oh yes, we tried them all!
    Good luck xxx
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