oxo cubes??

Hey Girlies,

Hope everyone is having realxing Sunday!! I am making cottage pie tonight or shepards pie lol, the one with beef anyway!!! I am using an oxo cube to thicken it with lots of tomotoes and veg, my question is is Amber ok to have a bit pureed up? Or will it be too salty and rich for her as she has only been having fruit and veg upto know?

She is 28 weeks now and I am keen for her to have what we are having so she doesnt end up a fussy eater.

Thanks xxxx


  • I think the meal would be too rich for personally seeing as this is her 1st taste of meat. It's best to start with chicken and a sweet veg such as sweet potato pureed together, to get her used to the taste of meat. You are much better taking weaning slowly and introducing her to tastes rather than putting a big mixture of everything in front of her to eat. She's only just over 6 months so plenty of time to introduce different meats. That's just my opinion anyway!
  • Yeah I though so thanks girls!

    She has been weaned since about 17 weeks but has been off and on as when she has a cold or is teething she refuses it all together for days then we have go back to step one again!!

    I shall try her with simple stuff first xx

  • I took it slowly with Charlotte and didn't start weaning until 23 weeks. At about 8-9 months she was having chilli con carne and chicken curry (very mild of course). So taking it slow is best in my opinion. Good luck with the weaning!
  • Yeah that sounds great to me, bloody health vis told me she needed to be eating our foods and on finger foods now, but I wanted to wait till she was about 7/8 months really and she shot me down when I said that!!

    Think I shall ignore her as I know her best!! She made me feel like I wasnt giving her the food she needs now as she is older, silly woman!

    Thanks hunni xx
  • I made cottage pie also last night with Boots baby stcck. They are popular. It tasted lovely and Charlotte had some for lunch and for once she ate it all!
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