Maxicosi cabriofix

I know all babies are different and guidelines are just that, but the instruction manual with the car seat suggests removing the seat pad around 4-5months, but I had to take it out of ryans last week (he's now 12weeks) as he just wasn't fitting in anymore. His maxicosi pebble's still fine (probably better new design) but they still haven't released adaptors to put it on his pram so need to use the cabriofix when we're just popping out. He seems comfortable enough in the cabriofix but I'm just concerned it's too upright for him to be in too long (never let him be in it for more than 2hours anyway of course).
Has anyone else had the same problem?


  • Hey Hon

    I took the wedge out when Lucas was 11 weeks, and also put him in pushchair mode, albeit very reclined. He was immediately happier and willing to actually go to sleep in the car so I figure he must be so much more comfortable now! If he's not in it for long anyway, I really wouldn't worry, we do what's best for our LOs and we can't always follow the book to the letter.

  • I took ours out at about 12 weeks too and he looked so much more comfortable instantly. He also used to cry when he was in the car and that stopped around the same time. I wouldn't worry, I think those things should be weight guidelines not age, a big 4 month old is going to be more comfy without the wedge than a small 5 month old!!
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