hey ladies, I just wanted to ask a poo related question! Charlie changed from SMA gold to cow & gate comfort as he wasn't settling, he is doing much beter now but his nappies are awful, like someone has smothered mustard in his nappy - is this normal due to the change of milk, he is also farting alot!!!!

the other thing is that on the new milk he is drinking 180ml (approx 6oz) and obviously when you add the powder it takes it up to almost 7oz - im worried this is too much as he is only a month old but if i try and offer him less he screams for more but is content on that amount?


  • Hiya hun!!

    haha was about to do the exact same post!!! Isabella was on sma gold and i changed her to cow and gate comfort and had the exact same prob! I went the docs today and she told me it was due to change of milk and the cow and gate comfort does this, its normal (also it mentions it on formula tin) she keeps passing wind and her poo is literally like water, but i must admit its so much better than sma, she is more settled etc. How do u find the c+g comfort? xxx
  • if your baby needs more milk then he needs it. have you thought about going on the hungier baby milk? he probably needs that if hes a month old and drinking that amount. the poo bit yea it tens to change due to different milk, wil be the same when he goes on foods.
  • thanks for the replies, he is much more settled on the c&g comfort and slowly getting into a routine!
  • Also hun if he is still unsettled try Colief to put in his bottle, its brilliant especially if your LO has bad colic, its like magic in a bottle!

  • Hello glad everything is settling down. I wouldnt worry about how much he iis eating unless his weight gain becomes a problem. i dont think they do a hungry baby version of the comfort milk.

    Frankie has been on comfort milk for nearly two weeks and the poos have calmed down a bit. Also shes farting a bit less. Its so funny to hear these massive farts coming from a tiny baby, Since being on the comfort milk she is now sleeping 6 hours a night and shes only 6 weeks old!
  • MKT86 - yes the farts are funny, i keep thinking its my hubby as they are so loud!! lol!
  • No idea about the comfort milk as I've never used it but I wouldnt worry about hungry baby milk for a while yet. Hungry baby milk won't reduce the amount he is taking, it will just stretch out the times between feeds - and it might not even do that - had v little effect on my lo! Gabe was on 6oz by 4 weeks. x
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