how do you get your baby to sleep?

My baby is 19 days old and we are having real problems getting him to sleep. he will fall asleep on the breast and then stay asleep cuddled up to either me or his dad but as soon as we try to put him down he screams. Nothing will then settle him except another feed and so the cycle starts again. I am sure he is overtired a lot of the time but what can we do if we cant get him to sleep? he has just started having a nap in his pram in the morning (for two hours today) but that is the only thing we are having any success with. last night he finally slept after non stop feed cry feed cry from 6 until 1!

Please help-I am getting desperate, it kills me to see him crying so much. I know I must be doing something wrong:cry:


  • do you swadle him? I found that was and sometimes still is the only way i can get hayden to of to sleep. they are all nice and snug and don't feel the chill of the cot, moses basket etc that they are being put into. Have also read a god tip is to put hot water bottle in cot etc and remove just before you put them down again tricking them into thinking they are still all warm from mummy or daddy.
    hope this helps, love fiona and hayden 20 wks
  • Firstly YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. he is still so young and as much as this seems annoying/frustrating and feels like forever, things will start to settle down. Erin use to feed all evening and night at this age but it didn't last long, she soon used to settle after a midnght feed and sleep until about 5-6am which was heaven to get 5-6 hours sleep, back then. If your lo sleeps in the day you sleep too, and don;t worry about house work etc just concentrate on sleeping right now. Things will settle xx congrats xxx
  • Oh just read the post above mine and remebered we used to put a muslin cloth under Erin when we were cuddling her so when we put her down in her cot she still had the warm cloth under her and it still had her mummy or daddy smell.
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