Flippin' typical!!!

last week we started Charlies bedtime routine, which has been going great, he's been waking up for two feeds in the night and waking up around 7am! This weekend (my hubbys turn to do the feeds) Charlie was only waking for one feed and then waking up around 8ish - even better I thought! Well last night it was back to me to do the feeds, he had two nights feeds again, grrr! And after his sencond feed at 5.40 he decided it was playtime!! not fair!! lol!!! xx


  • Oh dear!!

    Thats definately not fair!!!

    We managed to stop the night feeds altogether by my dh going to Louise at night as she was waking for mummy cuddles really!!
  • oh they just know when its your turn hun!! cam used to do the same...or ust not wake at all on oh's nights!! bloody men sticking together i tell you!!
    All the same, well done on setting your routine up so well. Its nice when you have a good idea of when they are getting up in the night and in the morning! xx
  • Oh dear- that seems very mean of him !!
    Can't Daddy do a few more nights so Charlie gets well into new routine before you 'take' him back??
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