Park Outtings


I was just wondering what age you all took your lo to the park for the first time.

We are desparate but unsure if she is too young!!

She is 20 weeks


  • I want to take my lo to the park, she's 8 months so def old enuf, jst every time i think bout goin in rains!!
  • We live 5 mins walk from a park so was taking our lo when only a few weeks old (about a year ago). We made sure she was rugged up & warm and she slept the whole time in her pram all snug!
  • we go to the park quite alot, its great now she is walking and can ply with her sister, her new favorite things are slides she will go up and down for hours.. x
  • thanks going to try an outting at weekend when oh is off - weather permitting lol
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