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Who has felt the Rush of Love after giving birth? Is it something that women who have a natural birth feel or can women with a section feel it too?

I was small minded before and thought people were talking rubbish about the rush of love you feel for your baby, and it doesn't really exist. (I mean it does exist, but after you get to know your baby not straight away) I had a vaginal birth and felt the rush of love when Kyra was placed straight only my tummy all slippery, warm and wet...

How about you?


  • nope i didnt! Ill be honest. I had an emergency c-sec and my mind was all over the place still half out of it from the drugs and feeling immensely sick! Forgot all about my newborn boy. However once i got settled with him laying next to me I had the weirdest feeling of joy and definately love
  • No I didn't feel it with my first baby even though had a natural birth. With my second I felt it more but for me it was something that defo grew over time rather than kicking in immediately. I mustn't have the rush of love hormones!

  • I definately felt that rush of love, my lo was born by ventouse though I had been preped for a c-section (so had all the drugs.)
    I still get a rush of love every morning when I get my first smile of the day and usually during the day when she is being goreous!
    I feel lucky that I feel like that as I know other Mum's take longer to get that feeling.
    Louise i 9 weeks old.
  • I felt it with my eldest, my second I felt nothing apart from shock as I had a really traumatic brth and she nearly died which affected me for months, my third I felt love and immense relief as I had 2 m/c before whe was born, It was my 4th that surprised me most, the pregnancy was unplanned and although I was happy about it in the end I was really worried that I didnt really want another baby and I was worried I wouldnt love him, Even as I was giving birth I was thinking that I didnt really want another baby , but the second he was born I looked at him and just knew I would move heaven and earth for him, I love him sooooo much and I feel so guilty for the feelings I had when I ws pregnant.
  • I didn't feel it with my first lo. I was young...just turned 20 and in shock at just giving birth. It kicked in later that night though. I want to post a pic of me and lo a few mins after giving birth on here so you all can see how in love I was...and also looking rough-as! But how do I do it with one that's in my folder???
  • Hayley so sorry to hear about all the trauma you went through. I know what you mean about worrying you won't love lo. My oh was the same and worried he won't love lo as much he loves our eldest. But he did of course, loves them both the same.

    It must be something to do with our hormone when we give birth.
  • I felt the RUSH of love.. but during my pregnancy I was just very matter of fact.. I was going to have a baby but I didn't know him.. but when he was born it was like being injected with a powerful love & it kept being topped up in waves.. I also fell in love with my OH all over again even tho I was already in love! lol defo a hormone the body releases & diffrent from day to day love which builds (which I think is better and deeper anyways so don't worry if you didn't get it!!) but the 'rush' is VERY intense as it was happening and amazing feeling and I feel very lucky to have felt it cause I know not all mummies do!

    saying that I don't think it has a refection on how much you love your little ones if you did/or didn't get it cause the other type of love is 'proper' love and it runs much deeper and is lush too! xxx
  • Hi, i like yummy mummy didn't think that the rush of love truly existed thought it was something that was exaggerated but when Erin was placed on my chest after being born i really did get that rush of love, i also worried that i would be embarrassed to pull my nighty up to have skin to skin contact but really just didn't (with my legs wide open wasn't much dignity left anyway! lol).

    It_must_be_love i too fell in love with my oh all over again which was lovely xxx
  • God i did and i had an emergency section i was so emotional,i wasnt even holding her my oh was i still to this day cant believe that we made something so precious, i understand when people say they would die for their children. i would do anything to protect her xx
  • Nope didnt happen for me im afraid and I feel so relieved that other mums didnt feel it either!

    The first thing I thought was god that hurt (vaginal birth to 9lb 5 ouncer)! Then Joshua was taken to be cleaned up and checked over cos they he thought he may have swallowed meconium. When I held him I thought, here we go im going to feel so connected to my baby, when in actual fact I thought god he's heavy and he doesnt look like those new born babies you see in prima baby! Then he was whiseked off and I didnt see him till 12 hrs later!

    Next time elective c-section I think hopefully I wont be sooooooo tired from contractions and pushing!

    I will say though that I did feel a rush of love for my oh for about 4 weeks afterwards I couldnt stop hugging and kissing him it was weird...thank god im back to normal now lol! xxx
  • I felt it when he was born and it still melts my heart every time he smiles particularly first thing in the morning when you go to pick him up.

    My OH held him first (I had a csection) and I never got skin to skin as he was wrapped in blankets...When the midwife asked if I would like to hold him now I said NO (bad mummy) because I was scared he would cry for me and hate me. He was crying for my OH and the minute he was handed to me he stopped crying. That night was magical. I was a bit out of it but I didnt sleep at all, I kept staring at him (he was born at 3am), he stared back at me through his plastic cot and if he cried I stroked his face and he went bk to sleep...

    Lately I have not felt this way as much which upsets me a bit, I'm a bag of nerves atm around him.
  • I didnt get a rush of love with either of mine. They both do things now that melts my heart but I just love them, no defining moment for this though.
  • Nope. Didn't see son until about 4 hrs after general anaesthetic emergency section and so didn't know which was my baby when I was wheeled into special care. Then sent to dif hospital so finally met up when he was 4 days old. He stayed on lfe support and in care for 10 days. Even now have problems bonding but things get better every few weeks or so. Think a lot of probs stem from the birth to be honest but glad to hear others didn't get immediate rush too.
  • Yep! Poppy was delivered after an emergency section and they cut the cord and put her straight onto my chest while they removed the yukky stuff. I held her for a good 10 mins before they gave her to my oh while I was stitched up etc. I cried when I saw that she was ok and a girl as I had been so desperate for a little pink one!!
    She gave me a cuddle and a kiss before bed tonight and I nearly cried again!! she's far too cute!x
  • I can't remember if it was a 'Rush of love' as such but I do remember thinking 'Oh wow, he is did we manage that?' Lol!

    I just felt so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy baby boy that looked sooo cute image

    I do remember not having a lot of emotion though which was really odd! Oh and family seemed to be constantly bawling but I was just fine for ages. Weird seeing as I usually get overcome with emotion at a sad bit of eastenders let alone anything else!!
  • I did get the rush of love when she was delivered onto my tummy, although the first comment I made was about how purply grey she looked! But for me the rush was an immediate thing after the birth but it wasn't permanent. Later on in the hospital I thought she was beautiful but I wouldn't say I felt love for her, it took a while for those feelings to build up again as I got to know her. I remember the first night we were at home and she wouldn't stop screaming and I just felt helpless and frustrated!!
  • Loving this thread!

    I didn't get a rush of love either - I was really happy but mainly just exhausted after the labour. I don't think I felt that mushy overwhelming love for a little while.

    My other half did though, straightaway. He kinda got that goofy face when the midwife put the baby in his arms :)

  • Nope no rush of love here either. Had a surprise birth at 34 weeks and although it was a natural birth because he was early and awkward I didn't see him for nearly 2 hours. I was just so relieved my backache had gone and my body had relaxed straight after the birth. I knew I loved him but it grew over the first 24 hours rather than a rush all at once, seeing him in an incubator I was more protective than in love at first. Still protective but love him more than anything too, even when he drives me potty. 

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