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Hi all

Hope you don't mind a gate crasher!

We are just putting together the list of 'big' things we still need to buy (i.e. monitor, steriliser etc.) and I am a bit dubious about spending money on a baby bouncer / baby bean-bag if they will only be used up until 6 months.

Did anyone NOT buy one of these and then regret it? If you did buy one, do your babies get a lot of use out of them? Any alternatives you can recommend??? Do we need both or can it be one or the other???

I love the baby bean-bags (blaming PTB for that as Lily looks SO cosy in hers!!!) but both items are a lot of money for only 6 ish months use. (or am I being tight???!!!)

Thanks for any comments!
Joo xxx



  • We had a bouncer for Holly and it was fantastic, I would deffo get another one if we have more kids. Holly would have her naps in it and loved just sitting in it staring into space and playing with her toys. We looked at getting a beanbag but went for the bouncer and I would say it was one of our best buys xxx
  • Definately get a bouncer!! It was the only way i got a shower most days as I could pop cole in it in the bathroom and he'd be safe while i showered - that way when he cried I could at least talk to him! My friends daughter is 6 months and still uses hers as she's quite small - she loves it too.

    They are so useful to be able to pop baby in while you do stuff, let them sit up a bit and see you while you do stuff, feed them in, somewhere to pop them at naptime etc etc.

    You don't have to spend a fortune - the bog standard ones are about ??20 and we bought the yellow mothercare one which vibrates for about ??25 - was well impressed as the battery lasted all 6 or 7 months we used it for even though I regularly left it on overnight!
  • Bouncy chair -use a lot
    Beanbag -errr didn't know you could get them !!
  • I totally agree with all comments so far! Bouncer was a total life saver couldn't have been without it. Beanbag - not had one but do look VERY comfy.

    Would imagine you only need one or the other as it is just to have somewhere afe to put lo so you can do things. Dunno if bouncer might be better longer as they are a little bit more upright and as some one else said you cna use it when you start to wean!

    HTH and good luck! image
  • Definitely need a bouncer. We have a vibrating/bouncing/musical one from Argos that was about ??30.

    I havent heard of those bean bags but after googling they do look very comfy. However i dont think they would last as long as a bouncer. My baby is 10 weeks old and she hates being laid flat when im not right next to her. She is so nosey and if i pop her down to do something she wants to be upright and watching me.
  • we had 2 boucers! absolute life savers. we had one upstairs so cameron could sit in it while i got ready/had a shower/went the toilet etc. the other downstairs for general use, when we started weaning at 4 months cameron was too little for his high chair as it doesnt recline so we fed him in the bouncer!!
    the main one we used was the fisher price kick and play thing with a vibrate option on...brill!! kept cam amused for ages!
  • lo uses bouncer every day- they r a god send, there is a bean bag u can buy for about ??70 and it lasts from birth-10yrs, cant think of what its called tho from the top of my head?? xxxx
  • i bought a swing for Ellis, it was fab and really helped when he had really bad colic, but i wish i bought a bouncer too as the swing was far too bulky to move round the house, would have been really useful to pop him in a bouncer while washing up/ironing etc i have got one for my next baby and will prob buy another to keep at mil house too
  • Well as you can gather a baby bouncer is an absolute MUST!! lol
    We couldn't have got by without ours. He was in it every day. In fact he still sits in it now even though he's way too big for it!

    As for the bean bag, we got a Doomoo one which are quite expensive for what they are and tbh was pretty much a waste of money as he hated sitting on it as a tiny baby but does tend to use it a bit now (now 15 months).

  • we have a bouncer that vibrated which JJ hated so he just sits in it without the vibrate on and it definately is a good buy...however, we recently bought a swing which was ??40 from argos and haven't used the bouncer time i will just skip the bouncer and use the swing!! we have 2 beanbags and haven't used either of them!!

  • Defo get a bouncer whether it be a door one or the jumperoo. My daughter can be in a right mood but as soon as she's put in her jumperoo she's giggling away

    Idon't have a proper baby bean bag but i do have a normal beanbag that we lay her in when she's asleep and she'll happily lay for a while when she's woke up too.

    Both are good to me

  • Thanks everyone!
    Bouncer it is then...!!!

    Julie xxx
    24w today!
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