Hiya hun,

I saw on another thread that you said you lo gets on well with the babylicious foods but you can't get them near you. Just wanted to let you know if you go to their website you can order them direct and have them delivered... not sure what delivery prices are like but thought you might like to know.

Website is http://www.babylicious.co.uk/

HTH xx


  • Thanks for the reminder! I had looked ages ago but the minimum order is ??20 and hadn't wanted to risk spending that much if he didn't like it.

    The asda that stocks it is half an hour away so its not too bad for us to go to so we can get him to try some of the other flavours but if he likes more then delivery is the way to go seeing as they deliver on my day off image Its probably not much more expensive than the petrol to the big asda.

    Love your avatar btw, your lo looks so cute image
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