bit worried!?

my lo is 9 months old and is still not saying mamma or dadda yet we have also found he cant hear us he has got to go for a hearing test im really worried :cry:


  • Oh hun poor u image when did you find out he cant hear u? But be pretty hard going for you xx
  • oh hun, wen is the test? i hope everything will be ok. im sorry i dont really know what else to say....not much help am i!!! xx
  • Awwww I hope everything will be ok, how did you find out he can't hear? Sending big hugs xxx
  • we have noticed that when we talk to him he doesnt respond and is still not babbling and loud noises really startle him and scare him but thats all he responds too

  • Hi Good luck with the hearing test - I hope everything turns out ok.My 6 year old didn't pass his first hearing test but then was fine the next time round - sometimes they just don't pay any attention.I hope everything turns out fine.
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