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Enough clothes for a weeks sun holiday?

Hi all

Need your opinions! Do you think we've packed enough for Tobes? We're going for a week!!!

5 short sleeved vests
8 short sleeved tee-shirts
2 long sleeved tee-shirts
1 pair long jeans
5 pairs short (1 pair suitable to go in pool with too)
2 uv sun/swim suits
2 hates
1 uv sun/swim hat with a long neck
baby banz sunglasses
7 pairs PJs
7 night-time nappies
50 normal active-fit nappies
7 muslins
TO BUY - pack of paper disposable bibs
Travel kettle
6 cartons of formula for an emergency and 2 reserved at Boots air-side for the flight (not his normal formula though)
1 tub of his formula (2 x bottles per day)
Enough food jars / pouches if the food over there isn't suitable
Fruit pots
Biscuits for snacks
Porridge for breakfast
2 bottles sun cream
Rehydration sachets
Nurofen / calpol
Nappy bags
3 packs of wipes plus 1 in hand luggage / change bag

NEED TO PACK - juice cups - how many?
Should we take our own bowls??? Will pack him spoons.

What have I forgotten? Do you think he has enough clothes???


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  • Mosquito net cover for his cot/bed and mosquito spray - we live in the south of Italy and there is nothing worse than a toddler with a mosquito bite!!

    Maybe something smart for if you go out in the evening??
    You sound super organised!!

    joanna x

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  • Where are you going? I'm sure you will be able to buy suitable nappies over there and so get away with just packing enough for a couple of days. Also if it is very hot do you need the vests? A hand held electic fan can be good as well if it very hot. What kind of accommodation are you staying in - I wouldn't have thought that you would need to take bowls?
  • I'd say you could get away with less clothes for Toby.
    You could always take some non-bio liquid to rinse things through to freshen them up if needed?

    Not sure how warm it'll be but is Toby used to a sleeping bag? Or are you planning to just use a sheet over him?

    Could he get away with less PJs just while you are away? Maybe change them every other night and if they get dirty?

    Could you get away with less muslins?

    Do you need to take a travel kettle or would you be happy to use the one that's provided (or a saucepan?)

    Could you buy nappies and wipes over there?

    I'm sure you wouldn't need to take bowls. Maybe you could just take one plastic bowl for when Toby feeds himself and use the ones provided for when you are feeding him?

    I've never taken the girls abroad so am probably way off and feel free to ignore me!

  • We went to malta with lo 2 days before he was 5 months, we went for 2 weeks. I have found a lot of people do not agree with taking lo's abroad and always go on about how bad it is (whaaat?! lol)
    We WAY overpacked on clothes, and i think you have too (sorry!!)
    How many oz's does he have per bottle? 1 tub of formula plus about 2 cartons will be easily enough.
    We went out of season (october) and we thought it'd be mild, but it was BOILING - we'd taken so many different clothes as we were unsure of the weather over there but I wish we'd just took a load of vests, PJs werent needed, trousers werent needed.
    Lo had terrible reflux so we had to wash some bibs and muslins while we were over there - we knew we would have to do this as back then (haha, it was only 18 months ago!) lo's had no luggage allowance so realistically his reflux was so bad we would have to take a whole suitcase of bibs if we werent washing them ...
    2 packs of wipes one for change bag, one for luggage will be enough. -if not buy more
    What we did was pick up a few jars at the boots at the airport and after that we bought them out there. Although my lo was only on 2 meals then , breakfast and lunch so we took a pack of c&g porridge and 2 stage 1 jars lasted us ages lol.
    Ive forgotten how old Toby is (nearly 1?! sorry!) but wouldn't take too much food. Take some emergency food though. Are you half board? There is always something for children or something plain if they are fussy but most of the time if they see you eating something they will try it.
    HTH. xx
  • I'd also take 2 cups (1 wash 1 use!) and would leave bowls behind. If he's only having 2 bottles i'd take 2 as well
  • I've taken my lo abroad to Mexico at 9 mths and Thailand at 18 months and both times she has had no luggage allowance despite the holiday being for 2 weeks so we've been limited as to what we can take. I too would say you have probably got too many clothes. I doubt you'll need vests but they can be useful for sleeping in if it gets too warm in the night. I took loads the first time, nappies and everything but unless you're going to somewhere very remote, you can get most things there. I too wouldn't take too much food, perhaps a carton of porridge and enough emergency pouches for dinner, there will always be something on the menu that is suitable for your lo and I think it helps to develop his palate by trying lots of different things. I also wouldn't take a bowl but would take a couple of spoons.

    Hope you have a fab time!
  • gggrrrrr! So annoying! I've not had proper internet access (laptop taken for repair!) so not come on until now to read your replies!!!

    think I need to do some unpacking! LOL

    can't write anymore, dinner is bubbling. but thank you girls so much! xxxxxxxxxx
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