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Bizzy Kidz Modelling Agency


I've been trying to find a modelling agency for my 6 month old (could be just me,but I think he's beautful!). I came across Bizzy Kidz and they looked good so filled in the application form on the website. Now they've written to me to say they've accepted him image but we need to pay them ??120 image. I don't know what to do. I was always under the impression that you shouldn't have to pay modelling agencies to be on their books!

Anyone had experience of Bizzy Kidz or any advice on whether we should pay it or not? Also any suggestions of other agencies that maybe don't charge?


Caz and Zach


  • Hi hun.
    DONT PAY! Theo and Lily were asked to be taken on by a few agencys and we went with the only one that didnt charge a fee which was
  • Bizzykids is a reputable agency. It is actually quite standard for child agencies to charge you a fee. However, there is no guarentee that the agency will get you work, and although bizzykids are a reputable agency, they do get work, they also have a reputation for taking on a lot of babies and children, and therefore have a lot of internal competition and as such, a lot of mums have complained their lo's haven't had work with them. Depending on whether you are up north or near London will effect your chances of getting a low fee agency. Some just take their fee out of your first wages (like Kids London and Bruce and Brown), others charge very low fees (like Urban Angels) The best thing to do is to have a look on the netmums page because there are lots of mums with kids at all of the big agencies.
    Good luck! x
  • The netmums thread will also give you lots of info about which agencies to avoid because they are scams - like models direct. But for some info on that you can look at the alba website (I think it is : - or something like that!). x
  • I entered my DD when she was younger loads were scams but a few charge a small fee and the only thing you havre to pay out for is for a portfolio...they are usually ??200-??250 for a proper set that wilol get u enough work. I did this for myself..before i had kids though...that gone out the window now! haha xx
  • Do not trust bizzykidz as they just sign anyone up and take your money and then you will not hear from them. I am not the only one as my friends also has experienced the same problem. We had spent alot as we had to get the gp letters etc.

    Then suddenly they have deleted my child off of their register and i was told to register again and pay again.

    The staff is very rude and they blame you for their own errors.

    Dont waste your money and time.


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