PMT :(

My periods returned last month, I had a horrendous time in the days before and then it arrived - bit of a shock!! But I'm feeling the same again, so am assuming I'm due on next week maybe...
Woke up this morning and walked straight into an argument with hubby and untill mid afternoon spent much of the day in tears image

Thing is I haven't really had to deal with pmt since I was 17 as I was diagnosed with endometrosis at that time and put on the pill to completely stop my periods, this continued uptill 4 months before I fell pregnant.... How do you ladies cope, is there anything I can take? I'm bf so don't really want to take the pill again as it didn't suit me in other ways when I look back, but at the same time I/we can't live like this every 4 wks!!


  • tbh i am a b**tch from hell the week b4 and my oh literally stays away from me, to save a be-heading!! lol .... choc might help, but i find relaxing baths, a good walk or some quiet snuggly time with oh helps too, i used to use a hot water bottle for the pain too as ibuprofen didnt work

    good luck
  • Thanks.... Does anyone take anything like EPO?
  • It may just be that they are returning. I started my periods at 12 and they've always been very easy - no pains, no PMT...but my first one after birth was a shocker! I was snapping at my OH constantly in the week before...just walking round in a big bubble of RAGE, lol that sounds weird but it's how I felt. I would try the evening primrose. Check it doesnt effect your milk though, as even herbal things can.
  • PMT - gotta admit its the bane of my other hals life. LOL. I tend to go really quiet as I know my mood swings can be horrendous. And I know what you mean about the tears. Got cabin fever today at work as I didnt see anyone else all day, and t top it off OH thought it was more important for him to vent his fraustration over the parking situation at home (will never live in a terrece again). After about An hour PMT kicked in and I lost the plot - and nutted the door a few times for some reason then sat crying. Naughty mommy scared LO doing this so it all ended up with a group hug.

    Worst thing is sometimes I can be like this 3 weeks out of every 4. I either get the mood swings, or the bloating, or the pain and I never know which to expect. But never get any sympathy of OH. LOL
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