Going to visit a nursery tomorrow

Hi ladies,

We're going to have a look at a nursery tomorrow and I was just wondering what types of things I should be asking/looking for?

Any thoughts/ideas would be really appreciated!




  • Most nurseries now keep records of how the children have learnt and developed over time using photos and written observations of them at play. In hampshire they are called 'learning journeys' for some reason, but not sure if this is a term used generally! If you asked to look at one child's record, that would give you an insight into the different opportunities and experiences the nursery provide. But really I think you will get a feeling when you walk in, imo the good nurseries have a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the children are settled and have good relationships with the adults and each other. M x
  • Brilliant, thanks so much both of you. Samuel's mum - those questions are excellent, and I know the answer to a lot of them from looking on their website so it's good to know that they are doing some of the right things already!

    Manicmiz, totally agree about getting a 'feeling', but I don't trust my gut feelings after several bad experiences (turns out I am a rubbish judge of character!), so I am taking my OH for that!

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