Formula Feeders - how many ozs?

My DD will be 14 weeks on Thursday and was last weighed 10 days ago and was 13lbs 4oz. She is between 50th and 75th centile for weight (always has been so seems to be putting on weight steadily) and betweeb 75th and 91st for her length..

about a fortnight ago she dropped to 4 bottles (if i try and push the 5 she takes about the same amount of ozs sometimes less as she gets so frustrated if she isnt particularly looking for a feed) we were going about 3.5-4hours (so we can fir the 4 in) as she goes down 8.30/9 and sleeps til about 8.30.

She tends to have bottles about 9am, 12.30, 4pm, 8pm give or take half an hour and now she has started only wanting for she will take up to 10oz!!!! i think for her weight she should be taking about 34oz which seems alot? She usually takes between 32 and 36oz each day. E.g if she has a couple of 10oz bottles she might take an 8oz one then a 7oz before bed - other days she will have 3 8ozs bottles and maybe a 7oz before bed...she isnt a greedy baby and stops the feed when she is full. I make 8oz bottles up and only make an extra oz or 2 if she is looking for it and wont settle. (going to get her weighed again tomorrow now she is taking so much just to keep an eye on her weight) but if she was taking 5 or 6 smaller bottles over a 24 hour period would it not work out somewhere similar? she tolerates her food and isnt sick and i've always been baby led/ hv is rubbish but i would advise a parent it was ok if tolerated and not over feeding and weight was ok then its fine to take more ozs less often than vice versa so just wondered how many ozs other peoples babies take espec ones of a similar age and weight.

She is on stage 1 aptamil and i dont like hungry baby but she doesnt need that as she isnt greedy its just that she wants to take her intake in only 4 bottles...

hope this makes sense?




  • Hi Lauz
    DD is now about 13lb and 10 weeks - just above 75th centile for weight and 99th for length! has also gained weight steadily. She has suspected silent reflux and I constantly stress about how many oz she takes but for no reason so far as she seems to be able to grow no matter what she takes lol, but she kips a lot so maybe that's it -
    anyway, she takes 5 feeds a day, at 7am, 1045/11am. 2/230pm, 5/6pm, and then we wake her somewhere between 10am and 11pm for a nighttime feed. If she has had a good eating and symptoms day, she will take 5.5-6oz per bottle, (VERY occasionally 7oz but that's usually with a 45 min break in the middle) and get about 30oz a day (she just can't manage more god knows what we'll do when she reaches 14 or 15lb and needs 34oz) - on a bad eating and symptoms day she'll take 4-5oz per bottle (with big breaks in the middle) and then probably wake again for a sixth feed between 4 and 5am, where she will top herself up with 2-3oz before passing out again lol - those days she gets more like 26-27 oz. I have to say though this has been the pattern for about 3 weeks now while we mess around with different meds/bottles etc to try and sort the silent reflux and she's still been gaining so maybe she just doesn't need the full recommended amount? She is also on stage 1 aptimal, HV told me I could try Comfort but GP said not to and to stick with same milk and meds first, one thing at a time so we know exactly what's helping which I agree with. xxx
  • hey,

    sorry to hear about the relux...hope things improve soon...

    i think Megan must be taking too much then? today she had a 10oz bottle at 8.30, 8oz at 12.30 (think she would have liked more as was a bit unsettled so i thought i would leave it and see what she does and after 3 hours she was crying and sucking her fingers!) Didnt feed her again til 4.15 as we had been out and she took 10oz again and then before bed when i thought she wouldnt take much she took another 8oz so 36oz,,,,way too much so im a bit worried now...

    i was worried she wasnt taking enough before and also tthats she wasnt putting on enough wait as she was just following the same centile and i was worried she was heading down the way but she's sooo heavy now...she was last weighed a week ago on friday and im going to go and have her weighed tomorrow but im a bit scared to now!!!!!

  • My ds is 12 weeks and weighs 13lb 10z (50th) he takes 7-8oz every 4 hours and a 9-10oz bottle before bed at 7pm xx
  • Lauz - I don't think that is too much though is it ? Don't compare her to my wee one, cos obviously there's special circumstances there til her new meds hopefully kick in. Going by the Aptimal tub I always thought that at 14 to 15 lb it recommended around 35oz a 24 hr period, so isn't she bang on? I would love DD to take more oz in fewer feeds but it's not going to happen with the reflux - though sometimes if I give her most of it, then a wee top us before she goes down for her naps she can drain a bigger bottle that way...I think when they're on the 50th centile or above the probably need a decent amount of oz's, no? You probably know better than me tho! xxx
  • I always go by the thought that baby's are naturally greedy and will only take what they want. My two daughters are/were totally opposites my first daughter Lily would drown 8-9oz easily or both boobs and then 4oz of milk every 3-4hours and want more so I weaned her early she then had 3 meals a day and still had 4 x 8-9oz bottles. My 2nd daughter Mia isn't a big fan of milk (she had a reflux so it doesn't help) and only takes 6oz bottles sometimes only 3 a day but 4 if I make her have a dream feed at 11pm but she eats 3 meals a day and a snack at just 20 weeks old and will eat a whole ellas kitchen pouch for one meal and a yoghurt! Neither of them are/were huge babies and infact Mia weight pretty much the same as her big sister did at her age give or take a few ounces.x
  • Ok...

    i made a mistake - Megans weight 3 weeks ago was 13lbs 4oz but a few days after that was when she started to only want the 4 bottles (of 7oz sometimes 8oz) and i was worried she was getting enough so weighed her 10 days later and she was 13lbs 12oz....

    anyway today she was 15lbs 5oz!! She had clothes and a nappy on so i think she is an oz or so lighter but she has always been weighed like that so it keeps her pattern accurate...she was between 75th/91stcentile since she was born and is now just below the 91st so its fine (at the minute) in terms of her weight gain but im still a bit worried lol...

    Today she had a 10oz bottle, 2 9oz bottes and a 6oz one so 34oz.

  • Hi Lauz
    Bella is 17 weeks this Sunday and was weighed last Thursday and was 12lb3, she has 4 bottles a day approx 31/2-4 hours apart taking 5-6oz then will take 2-4oz at 10pm ish
  • thanks...

    megan now takes 10oz at 9am, 10oz at 12.30, 8oz at 4.30 and 9oz at 8pm and i think she is working up to 4 x 10oz so 40oz???? i think this is ok as she will be about 16lbs now (15 weeks - on 91st centiles for length and weight) but im a bit paranoid although she isnt greedy some days she will have 4 8-9oz bottles and i know it could be a growth spurt too but geez im getting a bit of a friends little one is only about 1lb heavier then megan despite being 12 weeks older so hes only on 25th centiles (he was born early at only 5lbs where as she was 5 days late and 8lbs 4oz) she has just cut him from 5 bottles to 4 as she has started weaning a few weeks ago but he is only taking 4 bottles of 6oz so about 10-15oz less than grubber Megan????

  • hey, my dd is 11+5 and is downing 8oz bottles too- at bedtime she ends up having about 10oz (split feed) she has 5 bottles but only because of the gap between the last 2 (which could be one big one) She was 8lb 15 1/2 born (4 days late) and now weighs 13lb 13 is 63 cm- 91st centile for height and 75th for weight and is slim (I'd say)

  • Hi, My little man takes 5 bottles aday 7am- 6oz, 10.30am - 6oz, 2.30pm 6oz, 5pm 3oz (sometimes he does not wnat this) and 7pm 7oz. He weighs 13lb. I think he should take about 32ozs aday but never has this. I don't know if I just don't have a very hungry baby. He is below average for his weight but has put on weight steadily.
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