Shyly asking a question about reusable nappies

Hi Ladies who use reusables,

Please forgive my ignorance, but I have a question I hope you can help me with...

Tonight, I have been researching reusables and this forum is the only thing that's made me consider them. If I'm completely honest with you, it's not the environmental factors that attract me, it's potential I would love to be a stay at home mum after mat leave I'm looking to save money wherever possible!

Like I say, I only started researching tonight, but from what I've read I feel the pocket nappies would be best suited to my family for ease of use. I have not looked into detail of brands, but I seem to recall lots of happy reviews on the BumGenius nappies so have been looking at them.

To stop waffling and get to my question! I understand how they'd work with wet nappies, but what happens when LO you rinse it when you take it off/before washing? The thought of poo in my sink turns my tummy a little to be honest!

I definitely need to do some more research on this and discuss with hubby to see if he'd be on board. I'm reluctant to spend lots of cash until I'm 100% comitted to the idea. I believe my local council offers a 2 week free trial of reusables so will definitely be investigating that.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with my (probably stupid) question.


  • Hiya,
    Dont worry, your question isnt stupid at all!

    To answer your question first - I tip any solid poo down the toilet. Of course babies' poos arent always solid, some can be quite thick but not soldi - with these I get the majority of it off with a tissue, and then yes, I do rinse the nappy in the sink before putting it in the washing machine. But then, it doesnt bother me, I'm a nurse and have dealt with one hell of a lot of poo in my job lol!!
    You don't really HAVE to get off all the poo in the sink - you can just put it in the washing machine, but I didnt like the idea of poo floating around in the machine and getting stuck in the seals etc!
    If you really cant bear the thought of the poo, you could always use a liner on top of the nappy, to catch any solid poo? They arent essential for Pocket nappies but may help you get rid of the poo if thats what you want to do!

    I use pocket nappies now and highly recommend them! xxxxx
  • i use a throw away liner in the nappes, which go down the loo with whatever its caught. then i just put the nappy in the bucket. i do a rince cycle first, then wash at 40. we have not bought a pack of nappies since before she was born. i love my bumgenius onesize pockets the most.

    also cheeky wipes are much better than cotton wool and water and, of course, baby wipes.

    good luck!.
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    Do you know I was thinking about it at 4:30 this morning when LO was being a tinker and not sleeping! I realised that actually dealing with the poo didn't bother me all that much - I've had to rinse her clothes when the disposables have leaked anyways.
    What I did go onto to calculate (on my phone very quietly so I didn't wake hubby!!) Was that I *think* we'd only about break even at a year using Tesco nappies and her average daily usage v the suggested kit for reusables.
    So my next question - is how robust and long-lasting are reusables? The one size birth to potty nappies - do they last you till potty training or do they need replacing before then?
  • hiya, we use a variety of different nappies depending on whether ds is at the childminder or at home. We use pocket nappies when he is at the childminder and went for Coolababy ones, they are very similar to Bumgenius but a fraction of the price. We started using them when ds was about 7 months old and they fit fine as they can be adjusted with poppers at the waist and front. The inserts are fairly thin but we just also stuff with cut up terry cloths and that is absorbant enough.

    We used to have a shower next to the loo so would just power shower the poo down the loo which was very easy but now we've moved house the shower isn't next to the loo. It's easiest just to shove on a pair of rubber gloves and hold it under the flush of the loo (also liners get rid of most of the poo anyway)

    Hope that helps!
  • If taken care of correctly, birth to potty nappies should do exactly what they say on the tin!
    Don't use conditioner in your washes of nappies, as this affects their absorbancy. You also dont use as much washing powder/tablets - only 1/4 to 1/2 the amount you'd use in a normal wash.
    Most nappies say not to wash them over 60 deg, I never wash mine over 40.
    If you can avoid it, try not to dry them directly on a radiator, as this can damage the elastic in the legs, thus making your nappy start to leak....... instead use a clothes airer or you can tumble dry on a low heat.
    The best way to dry the nappies though is good old line drying, not only does it help to keep them fresh, a good bit of sunlight is FAB for getting out any stains which may have been left on the nappies!
    Periodically (every couple of months or so) it is also recommended that you give your nappies a "strip wash". This completely gets out any odours that may be left and refreshes the nappies, giving them a new lease of life! I do this by wasging them in the washing machine with a dishwasher tablet, then put them on a couple of rinse cycles to make sure it is all out! There are other ways to do it too,
    if you check out
    and do a search for "strip wash", you should find some advice on different ways to do it!
    I know that seems like a lot to take in, but really once you get used to using them its just second nature!
    Our daughter is almost 1, and her nappies are still in great condition, they could easily be used for another baby, thus helping the environment further! xxx
  • You can also sell on reusable nappies, and buy them second hand - have a look at eBay x
  • You can also sell on reusable nappies, and buy them second hand - have a look at eBay x

    Ebay don't allow the sale of used nappies, but you might be able to pick up some new ones for a good price if you have a look.
    Some other places to get second hand ones are

    I have bought lots of mine from these sites and they are in fantastic condition, at a fraction of the cost of new ones! xxxx
  • hi, g/c i went onto
    you can fill out a survey and they will tell you which is the best type of reusables for you depending on your circumstances, plus if you buy through them you can get a discount, i found it quite helpful
  • Sorry, didn't realise that about eBay. I have had cheap new nappies from there. Mrs Setters recommends Coolababy.

    There is a pre-loved board on a baby centred website (like BE, though as a whole not as good of course!!) xx
  • Thanks very much again ladies.
    Funny that there seems to be a revolution towards reusables going on in this forum at the moment! All very interesting and helpful to read people's hints/tips/advice.
    Will be keeping an eye on the other threads too.
  • i've just had my first full day of my 14 month old wearing cloth nappies. we're trying out fuzzi bunz at the mo that i lent off a friend in view to buying them.

    i love them x
  • Im looking at getting coolababy to start with then adding a few pretty ones to my collection over time (have become something of a nappy addict over night!)

    I love how many posts there are about them on here at the moment! image

    Cant wait to order mine on monday (payday)
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