Downsizing change bag .... any ideas?

Hey ladies
I want to downsize my pram and changing bag! I have the pram so now for the change bag. I was looking for a rucksack maybe thats big enough for the usual, nappies, wipes, snacks, lunch. Im fed up of lugging my big change bag around and now Bethany is 8 1/2 months old and only on 2 bottles a day i think now is the time. I also have a lovely new Maclaren i want to start using but my change bag is far too heavy to be stuck on the back of it!!

I have searched high and low for something nice, girly is poss, but can only find bags either too small or too big! so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions id be very grateful!

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  • I just use a big handbag now and have done since DD was about 1. I can fit everything I need in it and I feel more like "me" than just mummy!!
  • Sian got a peppa pig small rucksack for her birthday, its like a small school bag which i know use & it helps that its pink to match her pink buggy
  • bliss now lo is 2, I have a normal handbag!! YEAH!!! and Shea has his thomas the tank rucksack
  • Well I did this when Lily was about 10 months- we went on holiday and just used a small ITNG rucksack for her things but when I got back I lasted about 2 weeks and I really missed my changing bag...very sad I know!So I have resorted to using that again- she is 15 months now. Maybe I should get myself a nice hangbag for a while and resort back to the changbag when number 2 arrives in May!lol x
  • Hmmm... we still have so much stuff, don't know how but our big change bag is always full!!!!! Never can find what I need in it either! I can't wait to get back to having my handbag again, might even invest in a fab new one for the occasion! :lol: Love the idea of lo having a little rucksack, he can carry his own stuff soon - he he!
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