Hello Everyone


Im new to this site, well had been having a read at some posts and thought i'd join as there always seems to be good advice.
I have a boy of 4 and a baby girl 17 weeks old.
Looking forward to chatting to all you lovely ladies on here!


  • hi, welcome- i have a girl who will b 4 nxt week and another little girl who is 20 weeks. everyone on here is very friendly and gives great advice. xxx
  • Hi thanks,
    you'll be like me then trying to get ready for nursery its chaos in my house in the mornings.lol
  • My boy is called Corey and girl is Lucy!
    Just got this laptop so must get a wee profile picture on from the camera.
    Thanks for the replies.x
  • i know mornings r just a nightmare- my lo decides on the pre-school days she cant get dressed by herself- little madam! its funny how she can do it perfectly well on her own wen we r not rushing out in the mornings!! xxx
  • Welcome! I have a little girl who is nearly 6 months old!
  • Welcome to BE. Im Lisa and have a 7 month old boy called Cameron. Its a really good site, great girls with great advice!
  • Hey! I'm Laura and i have a 16 week old also called Lucy! x
  • Hi and welcome! I have a gorgeous (I would say that though wouldn't I?!!) little boy called Alfie and he's 6 and a bit months. Lots of good advice on here but br careful it's easy to get addicted to BE! x
  • Hi,

    I'm Alex & my daughter is Evie she is 12weeks today xxx
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