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Love this site as its the best kind of research! I'm wanting to get LOs pics taken in January - she'll be 7 months then. The only one i've heard of and visited is pixifoto. Their package was ??200 for quite a few pics. (not sure how many). Are these the best or do you think its better to get a local independant photogarpher. How do you pick? who did you go with and how much did you pay for what? (I'm in Cheshire). Thanks xxx


  • To be honest I would go for a local independent photographer. They are likely to be nicer, (nicer settings), cheaper, and more likely to haggle, give you copies on disc etc. I had some pics taken of us on jakes 1st birthday by a friend who has just opened his own studio and he didnt charge us cos of mates rates but he is very reasonable when he does charge. ill link the pics in a mo x
  • we got our photos done with pixifotos and we got five lovely pics but it cost us ??100, if we did it again i'd definatley go with a independant photographer as there much better value, at pixifoto they just seemed in a rush to get us done, even though they we're 50 mins late getting us in, which lead to pippa being grouchy
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