ARGH Baby not sleeping please help!!!

My lo is 6 months old and has given up on sleeping!

HE used to wake 30 minutes after going to bed, we would settle him again but stroking tummy or head and saying shhhhh and he would go off again.

Now...... he wakes up every 30-60 minutes and isnt interested in sleeping. He isnt wet/dirty, he is full and not hot/cold etc...... has anyone got any advice please??? We have tried putting my top in with him so he can smell me but this doesnt work either. :\?


  • He could be, he has 2 bottom teeth already but had no bother with them, he quite often has red cheeks and hot ears and he keeps being sick alot lately. If it is his teeth I hope they hurry up and come through!!
  • Oh my God Spritefm this is what we're dealing with right now!! Oh is upstairs sat on the stairs outside lo's room waiting for the noises to stop!!
    Our lo is 5 and half months and he used to be fine, settled him self at bedtime. He would wake an hour into a sleep we'd pop the dummy back in and he'd be off till 11pm.
    This last week he's taken an hour to settle and has stirred every hour-not fully awake but noises etc. I was worrying it was beacuse we'd introduced solids-just at the 11am feed.
    Hope your lo feels better soon and those teeth pop through asap!
  • hm millie 2night has made a few noises every hour but then gone back to sleep i dont know what shes doing but i went into see her and shes still asleep so i just leave her as shes only doing it for a few secs. xx
  • Maybe it's all the festivities and us lot being awake at all hours. Just gone up and he is WIDE awake playing with new fav toy a TY frog called Gillbert. Been up there since 7pm???? Agghhhhh. Hope everyone else's lo's settle tonight x
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