First cold & cough


Jacob has got his first cold and a cough to go with it. Yesterday he had a temp of 39 and was grizzling the whole time. He also had an upset tummy. I telephoned NHS Direct (docs were closed for staff training, unbelievable!) They said to give calpol and get the temp down.

Anyway today he's not quite as grizzly and temp gone down a bit but I find it so heartbreaking that he's so unhappy and miss all his coo's and smiles. He's only taken a total of 11oz with the last 3 feeds so that worries me aswell.

I'm giving him calpol but jus keep worrying that he's in pain or something. It's so hard!!

Has anyone else found it upsetting when their Lo's been poorly? I know its jus a cold and cough but i miss my happy little boy :cry:


  • Eoin had his first cold & cough recently at 12 mths old!!! he was so not himself and it made me teary, just wanted my little boy back to normal and to think that he couldnt tell me how he felt or what hurts was heartbreaking! but it sets there ammune system up so thats a good thing... but I feel your pain hun xxxxxxxxx
  • I know exactly how you feel, Beth has had a nasty cough for the last few days and hearing her hack away is awful. She has woken in the night several times to cough and then she gets really upset and can't settle again. But she seems to be on the mend now and was really smiley and talkative for us yesterday evening.

    I'm sure Jacob will be feeling more himslef soon! Have you tried using the saline drops to help clear his nose a bit before he feeds? The other thing that seemed to help Beth was running the shower really hot to steam up the bathroom and taking her in there for a few minutes.
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