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Bedtime milk.

Hi there,
My ds is 9.5 months old and is breastfed, i introduced solids at 6 months and he loves it,has neva refused a thing lol.
By 8 months old he had decided breastmilk is for wimps and battled with me everytime i tried to feed him his usual daytime feeds,ok fine! so now we are down to bf upon waking in the morning and a bottle of expressed milk for bed (we have always done this so oh can put him to bed too)
My questions are..at last i hear you say!
At 9.5/10months how much milk were your babies having at bedtime?
I have always expressed 8oz for him but i have noticed over the past weeks or so he only wants 4/5oz and then is quite happy to get in bed wide awake and drifts off nicely! heavenly child :lol:
Will he eventually just take less and less at bedtime until it drops off as the daytime milk did ?
Or do i just stop offering it eventually?
I do give him lots of yogurt,cheese/sauce and milky puds too as i know he doesnt drink the recommended amount!
Thanks x


  • Your DS sounds pretty similar to my girls. I started weaning at 5 months and they've never refused anything (touch wood!)

    My girls are 10 months (8.5 corrected) and for about 6 weeks now, they have only taken a max of 4oz at bedtime. TBH, if I put them to bed without it, they wouldn't be bothered and wouldn't wake for it.
    I'm not sure whether it's the norm to drop it as I know some 18month + olds that still have milk before bed. I'm planning to get to a year and then cut it out if they are really not bothered. They have plenty of dairy during the day so I'm not too worried

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