SICK - aarrrghhhh!

If I ever see sick again it will be too soon!

When does the sickie phase stop? My baby is 1 month old. Today its especially bad. I think it might be because his nose looks a bit blocked?! I dont think he has a cold tho as hes been feeding OK and not coughing or anything....


  • Hey,

    Is your lo sick a lot? It could be reflux. My lo suffers from this as well as a blocked nose a lot of the time. Maybe not but might explain if sick a lot.
  • Yes he is....not projectile though, not usually anyway! Just keeps bringing up bits...looks like loads
  • Reflux doesn't necessarily have to be he uncomfortable after/between feeds? If so, see your gp, not hv, as they can sort you out!
  • My lo doesn't always have projectile vomits. Reflux can vary.

    Try keeping you lo upright for 30 mins after each feed and see if that makes a difference. Also you can try to raise the moses basket at one end to tilt the head up. My lo has it quite bad and sleeps on her side as she will not sleep on her back at all.

    As Alioli says - go to the gp as my hv was useless and they can't diagnose it.

  • I keep wondering when the sickiness will stop!! Poppy will be 9 months next week and is still sick after most milk feeds and solid feeds! She has been on Gaviscon since she was about 7 weeks old and as yet I can't stop it. Doctor keeps telling me she'll grow out of it but god knows when!!
    She isn't projectile sick, she pulls a face as if she has a nasty taste in her mouth and then dribbles sick down her face - nice eh?!
    As everyone else has said, you should try your gp and see if they diagnose reflux.
    Lots of luck.
  • Oh poor you - still sickie at 9 months! Lol.

    It hasnt been bad today after his feed at 9 ... just one sick incident (phew) whereas yesterday it was constant. I fed him at 4.30 this morning and was constantly getting back up till 5.30 cos I kept hearing him be sick...aargh. Still I cant complain as he slept thru from 10 - 4.30 and then 5.30 till 9.....

    I will try keeping him a bit more upright, see if it works as it does seem a lot worse if hes lied down ... x
  • It smells rotten too!! She eats proper food now and her sick smells vile! She's nowhere near as bad as she was but the smell is 10 times worse!!
  • Yeah, I guess at least milk sick isn't as bad ... if anything it is a nice smell (think I'm going mad!!)
  • I think you must be!! Although it's definately better than ravioli smelly sick!
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