Hi all,

Got some more questions for you, hopefully you can help:

-weve got a cotbed for babies room, crib for ours, bought new matresses for both. Ive got a moses basket for downstairs (3yrs old, used for 1 baby). Im planning on putting the baby down for daytime naps in it-do i need a new matress for this too?

-when you top and tail and change baby's nappy in the first few weeks when you have to use cooled boiled water what do you do? Boil kettle and wait for it to cool? Wouldnt baby get very uncomfortable sitting in a dirty nappy or can i just use normal, warm tap water?

-ive bought two 2.5 tog growbags aged upto 6 months. Can i keep lo in these during the summer months and just put fewer layers on ie.a vest instead of vest/sleepsuit

-we're having a tour of the labour unit tomorrow, what questions should i ask? my list so far:
*do i need to bring my own nappies, maternity pads, formula (if bf doesn't take off)
*what are the visiting hours
*how many nights should i pack for

Thanks ladies,

33+6 xx

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  • HI there ohh not long to go now!
    We borrowed a mosses basket for Ashton from my sister and didn't buy a new matteress and I am glad we didn't as he was only in it for a week then refused to lie flat anymore as he liked to be looking around all the time.
    With regards to the sleeping bags it really depends on how warm your house is in the summer, personally I would buy a 1 tog bag in the summer (fingers crossed we will get a good one!).

    Only question I can think of for the labour ward visit is what is there policy when you are in labour for your oh staying? Our hospital keeps you on the ward until you are in established labour and oh's would normally have to leave at 11pm so that they are not on the wards at night with outher ladies or if there is a private room available they will move you to it free of charge. Luckily I went to the labour suit at 11.30pm!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! xxxx
  • hi honey!!

    personally, i'd have a new mattress for everything. i've even had new mattresses for my cotbed, and there is only my 3 kids that have used it, so i know it's history even. i sem to think i read somewhere that you should have new ones, so i did.

    when washing your baby - bum, top to toe etc - warm tap water is fine. cool boiled water is for when your lo eyes / cord are sticky. you should use this with cotton wool, wiping once, throwing it away, then getting the next piece etc.

    grobags - i'm almost sure Mothercare catalogue tells you an average tog rating of clothes / blankets, and what is needed for the temperature of the room. if they are the official Grobags, they come with a room temp gauge and advice on what should be worn. you could try their website "bumpto3" on google search, and you should be able to work out what you need under the grobags for a nice summer! hahaha!

    hope it all goes well on the tour!!

  • I would get a new mattress for the moses basket, the foam ones are only about ??10 from mothercare I think.

    Tap water is fine for nappy changing, I only used cooled boiled water for her face esp the eye area, and you don't need to do this so often so there's no real issue about waiting.

    For sleeping, you have to use your judgement really, 2.5 tog should be ok for spring, maybe just with less clothing, but you might need a lower tog if we have a very warm summer. Probably best to wait and buy it later on if you think it will be needed.

    Can't think of many questions for the labour ward other than visiting restrictions, pain relief options. Do you need to bring towels for when you have a shower/ bath after the birth?

  • Yes, buy a1.0 tog sleeping bag. I yes, but it depends what you house is like. our house is old and gets hot upstairs and cold downstairs in summer and cold during winter. At items we couldn't get the temp below 24 untill 4am this was with the air con on. Obviously all houses are different The grobag info I have at hand, says if temp is between 20-24'C lo use a 1tog sleeping bag.

    Like poz says, tap water is fine. I either used the warm tap or the shower, only because we rarely have the immersion (?!) heater on! In hospital you will find they use tap water.

    Never got as far as hosp visit as lo didnt staying me long enough to attend antenatal. Carry a notepad and pen with you, so if you think of any qus you can jot them down. Hope all goes well when your lo does make an appearance image xxx
  • Thanks ladies,

    I'll buy a new matress and will play the grobag by ear-hopefully, by the summer, ill be able to tell pretty easily if baby is too hot/cold! Our house is pretty cold though.

    Off to the maternity unti this afternoon, bit scared-i hope it doesn't terrify me!xx
  • personal i would replace the mattress, i used the same moses basket and cot for all three of my little ones and i have changed the mattress and all bedding for each child

    i never used the boiled water just sensitive wipes

    you should be able to use the grow bag all year round
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