Hellooo! Back from the lake district!

Hello ladies!
Hope your all well. We just got back from our week long holiday in the lake district. Weather was pretty rubbish but then you dont go to the lakes for the weather!
We had a lovely time, lots of nice meals out and walks. And guess what..Theo took his first steps! He took 4 steps over to Abby because she was eating a flake and he wanted some lol. He's been doing a few more little daring steps since but not properly walking yet.
How are you all?! What have I missed? Cant belive Katies married now! I'd love to see some pics Mrs Gladwin!


  • hey hun glad u had a nice time ,the lakes is beautiful isnt it ...did u get withdrawel symptoms from be though ...i couldnt not come on for a whole week :lol: ...***lisa looks up be anonomus is yellow pages*** ..well done theo taking some steps clever boy xxxxxx
  • yay, glad you're back. Was gonna text you as wasn't sure when you were away. Would you believe we've just booked a week in lakes, go on Monday.
    I miss you there by a few days, how annoying ?

    Anyway, well done Theo. How is Miss Lily ? S x
  • glad you all had a good time hun!!
    well done to theo!! x x
  • Hi
    Sounds like you had a good time despite the weather. Where did you stay? Been thinking of going but a bit unsure where to stay with Lily.

    How are you feeling about everything now? Hope you are getting on ok.
  • Glad you had a good time,well done theo, james started taking a few steps to the other day but no more since.
    I have to live in the lake disrtict and put up with the weather all the time lol
    vikki xx
  • We stayed in a cottage which was really nice because it had a proper kitchen and everything so we didnt have to eat out every night because Theo was getting a bit fed up of it by the end.
    I'm feeling ok. I have my good days and bad days but the tablets seem to be making things feel better.
    We didnt get to climb any mountains with the kids obviously but they looked amazing! Vikki its a beautiful part of the country but not sure I could handle the rain all the time! We stayed in keswick, are you near there?
    Oh Suz how annoying! Lily is fine, feeding and sleeping well.
  • Keswick is a lovely town i live about 1/2 hr drive from there, we go all the time shopping and when the weathers nice we take the dog and go walking round the lake or take a boat out.
    You get used to the weather it isnt to bad lol
    vikki xx
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